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Articles of Confederation

Quiz by Krista Mullen

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19 questions
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  • Q1
    After declaring independence, the first job given to the 13 "states" by the Continental Congress was to
    each raise 5,000 troops to join the Continental Army.
    each donate $5,000 to the Continental budget.
    each create a written constitution to establish the government of that state.
    each send additional representatives to Philadelphia.
  • Q2
    As the American Revolution began, the Patriots were only about ___________ of the American population.
  • Q3
    According to the textbook, the Patriots were divided into two groups:
    radical and moderate
    Loyalist and Canadian
    democratic and conservative
    liberal and autocratic
  • Q4
    Because they wanted greater rights for the people, the democratic Patriots wanted state governments with strong __________ and weak __________.
    governors; legislatures
    lords; kings
    dictators; parliaments
    legislatures; governors
  • Q5
    TRUE or FALSE: The conservative Patriots did NOT want to increase the power of the common people in the state governments.

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