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Artificial Intelligence

Quiz by David Valle-Cruz

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  • Q1

    Artificial intelligence technique

    Machine learning

    Assembler language

    Software engineering

    Operating system

  • Q2

    Artificial Intelligence is

    a fantasy created by living beings

    science fiction as seen in movies about living beings

    computational simulation of the behavior of living beings

    any computer software made by living beings

  • Q3

    Type of artificial intelligence that only performs specific tasks, such as a chess game.

    Artificial Superintelligence 

    Artificial General Intelligence 

    Artificial Narrow Intelligence

  • Q4

    Type of artificial intelligence that could learn, perceive, understand and function completely like a human being.

    Artificial Superintelligence

    Artificial Narrow Intelligence

    Artificial General Intelligence

  • Q5

    AI that will be exceedingly better at everything it does because of overwhelmingly larger memory, faster data processing and analysis, and the ability to make decisions

    Artificial General Intelligence

    Artificial Superintelligence

    Artificial Narrow Intelligence

  • Q6

    How fast does the human brain process?

    100 terahertz (THz)

    100 gigahertz (GHz)

    100 megahertz (MHz)

    100 kilohertz (KHz)

  • Q7

    What is the storage capacity of the human brain?

    100 petabytes (100 PB)

    100 megabytes (100 MB)

    100 kilobytes (100 KB)

    100 gigabytes (100 GB)

  • Q8

    This is what happens when a machine learning system reflects the values of the people who developed or trained it

    Algorithmic result

    Algorithmic success

    Algorithmic bias

    Algorithmic error

  • Q9

    Technologies related to the fourth industrial revolution

    Artificial intelligence, nanotechnology and Internet

    Artificial intelligence, Internet, and biotechnology

    Artificial intelligence, nanotechnology, and biotechnology

    Artificial intelligence, nanotechnology, and smartphones

  • Q10

    Artificial intelligence technique that attempts to simulate the biological brain

    Genetic Algorithm

    Artificial Neural Network

    Virtual Reality

    Artificial Vision

  • Q11

    Artificial intelligence technique that bases its logic on the evolution of the species

    Machine Learning

    Artificial Neural Networks

    Pattern Recognition

    Genetic Algorithms

  • Q12

    It is the artificial intelligence hardware

    Human-Computer Interaction


    Machine Learning


  • Q13

    Main potential benefits of the use of artificial intelligence in business

    Better-trained employees and productivity 

    Massive workforce replacement and productivity  

    Higher income and productivity

    Decision-making automation and higher income

  • Q14

    Advantages of Artificial Intelligence in business

    Increasing efficiency and improving customer experience

    Labor replacement and error reduction

    Automation in decision-making and labor replacement

    Increase efficiency and errors

  • Q15

    It is one of the consequences of the dark side of artificial intelligence.

    Digital divide




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