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20 questions
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  • Q1

    What is the primary goal of an artificial intelligence system?

    To replace human decision-making entirely

    To mimic human intelligence exactly

    To create sentiment beings

    To perform tasks that normally require human intelligence

  • Q2

    Which of the following is a key component of machine learning?

    Heuristic algorithms 

    Rule-based systems

    Explicit programming

    Learning from data

  • Q3

    When was the term "artificial intelligence" first coined?





  • Q4

    Which computer scientist is often considered the "father of artificial intelligence" and co-organized the Dartmouth Conference in 1956?

    Marvin Minsky 

    John McCarthy

    Claude Shannon

    Alan Turing

  • Q5

    Which domain of AI involves the study and development of algorithms that allow computers to learn from data and make predictions or decisions?

    Expert Systems

    Machine Learning


    Computer Vision

  • Q6

    In the context of AI, which domain focuses on creating systems that can mimic human-like intelligence, reasoning, and problem-solving?

    General AI


    Computer Vision

    Expert Systems

  • Q7

    Which approach to artificial intelligence involves designing systems that can mimic the way humans think and process information?

    Connectionist AI

    Rule-Based AI

    Symbolic AI

    Evolutionary AI

  • Q8

    In machine learning, what approach focuses on training models by exposing them to a large amount of labeled data and letting them learn patterns and associations?

    Supervised Learning

    Genetic Algorithms

    Unsupervised Learning

    Reinforcement Learning

  • Q9

    In the context of AI, what does the term "agent" refer to?

    A set of rules governing AI behavior

    An input device for interacting with AI systems

    A person who designs AI algorithms

    A software system that acts autonomously in an environment

  • Q10

    Which component of an intelligent agent is responsible for selecting actions based on its internal state and the information from the environment?





  • Q11

    What is the key characteristic of a rational agent in artificial intelligence?

    Following pre-defined rules without adaptation

    Imitating human behavior

    Achieving the best outcome given its knowledge and capabilities

    Randomly selecting actions without a purpose

  • Q12

    In the context of task environments, what does "deterministic" mean?

    The outcome is known with certainty for a given action

    The environment follows syntactic rules

    The environment is complex and heuristic

    The outcome is uncertain for a given action

  • Q13

    In a simple reflex agent, what is the role of the rule condition?

    It defines the agent's goal

    It specifies the action to be taken

    It triggers the rule when satisfied

    It represents the current percept

  • Q14

    What distinguishes a goal-based agent from a simple reflex agent?

    Goal-based agents consider history in decision-making

    Goal-based agents do not use rules

    Goal-based agents only respond to the current percept

    Goal-based agents have a memory

  • Q15

    In utility-based agents, how are actions evaluated?

    Based on a predefined set of rules

    Randomly selected from a pool of possible actions

    Based on their cost or benefit using a utility function

     Determined by the agent's perceptual input


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