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Artificial Intelligence Still Needs Human Intelligence

Quiz by Ryan Smith

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  • Q1
    What does A.I. stand for?
    Argumentative Idea
    Animated Individuals
    Artificial Intelligence
    Aluminum Innovations
  • Q2
    What types of jobs does the editorial claim are "going extinct"?
    Low-wage, high-skill
    Middle-wage, middle-skill
    High-wage, high-skill
    High-wage, middle-skill
  • Q3
    What is a chatbot?
    A virus that steals personal information
    A method of communicating with other people
    A robot that won't stop talking
    A computer program meant to converse with people
  • Q4
    What literary device is used in the following sentences? "Fifteen years ago I came to Bangalore, India’s Silicon Valley, to do a documentary on outsourcing. One of our first stops was a company called 24/7 whose main business was answering customer service calls and selling products, like credit cards, for U.S. companies half a world away."
    Deductive Reasoning
    Personal Anecdote
    Inductive Reasoning
  • Q5
    Why are humans a necessary part [24]
    To make the company seem more human-friendly
    To be a cover for money-laundering schemes
    To answer questions that the AI is unable to process
    To answer all of the customer's questions
  • Q6
    A chatbot's containment rate measures what?
    How deep into a conversation a chatbot can go without human involvement
    The maximum possible number of chatbots functioning at any given time
    How much processing power is required to contain the chatbot's excitement
    The processing power of the artificial mind of the chatbot
  • Q7
    What is the current containment rate for [24]'s system?
    80 percent
    60 percent
    10 - 20 percent
    20 - 50 percent
  • Q8
    What literary device is used in the following sentences? "So what will a country like India, with so much unskilled labor, do about this challenge? It’s coming. But so is a possible savior. It’s also called technology and A.I."
  • Q9
    What does a digital conversion designer do?
    Determine necessary upgrades for computer applications
    Turn people into robots
    Design clothing out of Bitcoin
    Change visual design into digital renderings
  • Q10
    What does Friedman believe will be the solution to the challenge of job loss due to the integration of artificial intelligence into large companies?
    Artificial intelligence
    There is no solution
    The steadily decreasing population in India
    Government intervention

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