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As I Grew Older Analysis and Interpretation

Quiz by shelly Triffon

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  • Q1
    Cause and effect: What happened to the speaker.
    He had a dream - lost vision of it- used his hands to break through the wall- reached his dream.
    Lost vision of his dream- lay in the shadow-found his dream-broke the wall.
    lost hope- found his dream-broke the wall- reached his dream.
  • Q2
    Basic understanding: What do we not know about the speaker from the poem?
    he has dark hands and he used them to break the wall.
    He was overwhelmed by the wall. He lay in the shadow.
    He is an artist and he suffered from racism.
    He had a dream and almost forgot it. He will use his hands to reach for his dream.
  • Q3
    What decision does the speaker make and what will he do to reach his goal?
    He decides to think about the dream that he had and feel depressed that he can't reach it.
    He decides to lay in the shadow till he knows what to do.
    He decides to find the light by making beautiful art.
    He decides to tear the wall down with his hands so that he can find his dream.
  • Q4
    The wall symbolizes an obstacle in the poem. Complete the answer: The wall could symbolize .................... in different people's lives.
    fear and depression.
    hope and light.
    excitement and nervousness.
    happiness and joy.
  • Q5
    The image of "light" is not used to describe................................. in the poem?
    the speaker
    the sun
    the dream
  • Q6
    Complete the sentence: At the beginning of the poem the attitude of the speaker is............
    negative and helpless.
    positive and innocent.
    optimistic and pessimistic.
  • Q7
    When the wall rises the speaker feels..............
    happy because he can break it.
    angry and determined
    helpless and humiliated.
  • Q8
    Complete the sentence: At the end of the poem the speaker feels optimistic because...
    he has the power to change things.
    he dreams about being successful again.
    he can scream to the world he is black and he's proud of it.
    he can create wonderful pieces of art.
  • Q9
    There are three main parts in the poem.Which parts of the poem are optimistic?
    In the middle and at the end.
    In the beginning and in the middle.
    In the beginning and at the end.
  • Q10
    Which part of the poem is pessimistic?
    Most of the poem.
    At the beginning.
    At the end.
    The middle part.

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