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Asians 1

Quiz by Scott Burns

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21 questions
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  • Q1
    The Japanese first came to California and
    Oregon after 1894.
    Hawaii after 1894.
    Washington after 1894.
    Arizona after 1894.
  • Q2
    What was the reaction of whites on the west coast to Japanese immigrants?
    They liked them better than the Chinese.
  • Q3
    The main reasons whites were fearful of Japanese and Chinese immigrants?
    They were accused of lowing wages.
    They changed the culture.
    They brought drugs, prostitution, and gangs.
    They ate different foods.
  • Q4
    What city was the center for Japanese immigration?
    San Francisco
    San Diego
    Los Angeles
  • Q5
    How did the Japanese get around restrictions to American immigration?
    They went to Canada or Mexico first.
    They used coyotes to get in.
    They learned to bribe guards.
  • Q6
    What idea did the mayor of San Francisco have to slow Japanese immigration?
    Force them to live in the hated Chinatown.
    Pay a family $1,000 to go to Los Angeles.
    Segregate the city's schools.
    Ordered the police to abuse Japanese in the city.
  • Q7
    When San Francisco wanted to segregate its schools
    the Japanese government protested to the governor of California.
    the Japanese government protested to the United Nations.
    the Japanese government complained to Franklin Roosevelt.
    the Japanese government protested to Theodore Roosevelt.
  • Q8
    Japan became the first Asian nation to defeat a western power in war
    by defeating Canada in 1905.
    by defeating the British in Hong Kong.
    by defeating Russia in 1905.
    by defeating China in 1905.
  • Q9
    What part of the Gentleman's Agreement did the Japanese like?
    San Francisco's schools would not be segregated.
    They were paid reparations.
    They could come in greater numbers.
    Japanese laborers would get equal pay.
  • Q10
    What part of the Gentleman's Agreement did white Californians like?
    Americans could also emigrate to Japan.
    It banned Japanese immigration for 10 years.
    Fewer Japanese laborers could emigrate to the U.S.
    It banned Japanese immigration for 5 years.
  • Q11
    In the 1930s the Japanese became allies with the military power
    of Germany.
    of the United States.
    of Russia.
    of China.
  • Q12
    What brought the first Chinese to the west coast of the United States?
    California was a rich unpopulated land.
    The discovery of silver near Sacramento.
    The discovery of gold near San Francisco.
    The discovery of gold near Sacramento.
  • Q13
    Where did thousands of Chinese men find employment in the 1860s?
    building the transcontinental telephone line.
    building the transcontinental highway.
    building the transcontinental railroad.
    building the transcontinental telegraph line.
  • Q14
    What railroad did the Chinese help build?
    the Asian Pacific
    the Union Pacific
    the Central Pacific
    the Western Pacific
  • Q15
    The Chinese and the
    Russians helped build the transcontinental railroad.
    English helped build the transcontinental railroad.
    Irish helped build the transcontinental railroad.
    French helped build the transcontinental railroad.

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