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Asking and Offering Help

Quiz by badriyatur rohmah

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15 questions
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  • Q1
    "May I ....... you?
  • Q2
    "............. to bring your books."
    Shall I
    May I
    Can I
    Let me help you
  • Q3
    Which one is NOT expression of offering help?
    Would you like any help?
    Can I help you?
    Can you help me?
    Need some help?
  • Q4
    The followings are expressions of responding help, EXCEPT .....
    Don't mention it.
    Yes, please.
    That's very kind of you.
    Thank you very much.
  • Q5
    "Santika Tour and Travel. What can I do for you?'
    I need to go to Palembang.
    I want to make reservation to Palembang, please.
    Yes, I need your help.
    Can you help me to take the ticket?
  • Q6
    "Can you give me a hand to move this cupboard?" This is the expression of ..........
    Refusing help
    Offering help
    Accepting help
    Asking for help
  • Q7
    Risna : Hello Janah you looks so busy, ..........? Janah : Yes I am.
    May I disturb you?
    Will you help me?
    Can you help me?
    May I help you?
  • Q8
    Janah : ................. out that paper? Risna : Sure, and where should I print it?
    Would you like to send
    Could you please
    Could you please print
    Can you type
  • Q9
    Risna : Is there anything else? Janah : No it's enough. ............. Risna. Risna : You’re welcome.
    You are very kind
    I love you
    I am very glad
    Thank you very much for your help
  • Q10
    "It's very good of you to offer, but I can do it myself." It is the expression of .......
    Accepting help
    Refusing help
    Responding help
    Offering help
  • Q11
    "I am so thirsty. ..................... "
    Can you help me to sweep the floor?
    Can you buy something to eat for me?
    Can you help me to take the water for me?
    Can you turn on the fan?
  • Q12
    “Would you like me to order you a drink?” “Yes, I want to have cup of coffee” Where is the conversation probably taken?
  • Q13
    “I lost my pen. ..........? “Here you are.”
    Can you buy it for me?
    Will you give me?
    Can I ask your pen?
    Can you lend me yours?
  • Q14
    "Can you accompany me to go shopping?
    I'm sorry, I'm busy.
    Sorry, I have no money.
    No, just go by yourself.
    I don' like shopping.
  • Q15
    "You looks so pale. ....................?" “Yes, please take the water for me.”
    What's going on?
    "Do you need any help?"
    Can you help me?
    What do you need?

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