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Asking & Giving Opinion

Quiz by Nur Fita Fatimah Azzahro

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11 questions
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  • Q1

    Justin: Next week We will have a long holiday. So, on your holiday what are you going to do Yoona?


    I’m thinking of going to Jogja

    I’m sorry, I can’t tell you

    This is not your business

    I don’t know where I go

  • Q2

    Liana:Film of Kartini it’s so inspiring. And what do you think about the inspiring film of Kartini?

    Bram: I think…

    I can’t hear you call Kartini

    You forget Kartini’s day

    I love Kartini’sfilm its so inspiring me

    Thank you, Kartini

  • Q3

    Jamilah: I think our city is saved from the virus, so we can go around.

    Ellisa: But I don't think so, ..… Our city is not saved. We must stay at home at least in lockdown time.

    She forgets it

    I am thinking of the virus

    In my opinion

    You know it

  • Q4

    Drue: May I know what do you think of my short story?

    Julia: It’s a good story, but I suggest changing the title with an interesting title.

    Drue: Nice opinion. Thanks, Julia.

    Julia: Anytime, Drue!

    From the dialogue above between Julia and Drue, Julia is…

    Giving an opinion

    Giving order

    Asking for an opinion

    Asking for attention

  • Q5

    Bintang: After school Herman feels very tired and he gets dizzy.

    Sonia: I think…. And if it’s not necessary he doesn’t leave the bed.

    He should lie down and have bed rest time

    You have to go to the hospital

    She would take a rest

    You must go to school

  • Q6

    Damar:… our Biology class is so fun and very interesting.

    Tania: Yes, you are right I think so too. The Biology teacher conveys the lesson interestingly making the classroom atmosphere becomes pleasant

    I don’t like it

    I think

    Tania agree

    I’m not sure one hundred percent

  • Q7

    James: This day is Mother’s day and I want to give her my painting. When you look at my painting what do you think about it?

    Ron: It’s so beautiful and amazing, and I think you must develop your painting talent to a professional level.

    James: That’sopinion sounds great. Thanks, for your opinion, Ron.

    Ron: It’s my pleasure.

    From the conversation about painting, Ron is…

    Asking for a gift

    Giving direction

    Asking for his help

    Giving an opinion

  • Q8

    Dahlia: Jennifer, would you like to give me an opinion about my poetry?

    Jennifer: Of course! I think you should use attractive themes and titles. It would be great poetry.

    Dahlia: Thank you very much, Jennifer.

    Jennifer: It’sokay

    The dialogue above tells us that Dahlia is…

    Make a wish

    Sharing an opinion

    Waiting for help

    Asking for an opinion

  • Q9

    Jake: Rose, what do you think of my chocolate cake?

    Rose: It’s so delicious! I really love this cake!

    Jake: I’m so pleased

    In the dialogue, Jake is…

    Asking for help

    Giving advice

    Requesting for gift

    Asking for an opinion

  • Q10

    ....…. children should be taught from an early age to be independent and responsible.

    In my opinion

    He totally understands

    Do you think that

    They want to learn

  • Q11




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