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  • Q1

       What do you call a screwdriver that has a cross tip (+) resembling a positive sign?

    A.   Slotted screwdriver

    B.   Philips Screwdriver

    D. Screwdrivers

    C.   Jewelers Screwdriver

  • Q2

      Which category of tools is designed to identify wire gauges and stripping off of insulation?

    C.   Splicing

    B. Cutting

    A. Crimping

    D. Stripping

  • Q3

    Which hand tool is designed to insert and tighten, or to loosen and remove screws?

    C. Wire Stripper

    A. Screwdrivers

    D. Stripping

    B. Long nose

  • Q4

    What is true about these statements regarding the use of Side cutters?

    I.           Side cutter is a wire-cutting plier used to cut wires.

    II.            Side cutter is used in cutting various trades and crafts for a variety of purposes.

    C.    Statement I is correct, while statement II is wrong.

    D.   Statement I is wrong, while statement II is correct.

    B.   Statements I and II are both wrong.

    A.   Statements I and II are both correct.

  • Q5

     What do you call a material that holds and protects the lamp and also called a ―Lamp Socket/Receptacle?

    A.   Lamp holder

    B.   Convenience outlet

    D.   Junction box

    C.   Utility box

  • Q6

    Which of the following gives you the best idea about hand tools?

    A.   Hand tool is powered by hand rather than the motor.

    D.   Hand tools perform discrete functions that might not be possible to use in another workforce.

    C.   Hand tools are categorized according to their use.

    B.   Hand tool is powered by motor rather hand.

  • Q7

    What pliers are specifically appropriate for connecting wire ends using splicing?

    A.   Cutter and Long Nose

    C.   Linesman and Diagonal Cutter

    B.   Diagonal and Long Nose

    D.   Combination and Diagonal Cutter

  • Q8

    Which tool has a pair of opposing blades much like scissors or wire cutters used to cut insulation without cutting the wire?

    D.   Combination and Diagonal Cutter

    C.   Linesman and Diagonal Cutter

    B.   Wire stripper

    A.   Cutter and Long Nose

  • Q9

    Who among the students shows good practices while using hand tools?

    B.   Leo uses pliers as a hammer.

    A.   Bong always cut the wires at a right angle.

    D.   Arnel leaves a knife unattended with the blade exposed.

    C.   Mikes substitutes pliers for a wrench when turning bolts and nuts

  • Q10

    The following are the common faults in using utility knives/blades except:

    D.   Never use pliers on a screwdriver for extra leverage.

  • Q11

    What do you call a material inserted to a convenience outlet to conduct electric current? 

    D.  Lamp holder

    C.  Male plug

    B.  Junction box

    A.  Switch

  • Q12

    What do you call a device that connect and disconnect the flow of electron in electric circuit?

    D.  Switch

    C.  Junction box

    B.  Male plug

    A.  Female Plug

  • Q13

    This is where the male plug of an appliance is inserted and usually fastened on the wall or connected in an extension cord.?

    B.  Convenience outlet

    A.  Switch

    D.  Junction box

    C.  Flat cord

  • Q14

    This could be in the shape of a screwdriver or a wrench. Its function is to drive screw with hexagonal slot head?

    D.  Jewelers’ screwdriver

    C.  Slotted Screwdriver

    A.  Allen wrench

    B.  Philips screwdriver

  • Q15

    15. It is a rectangular shaped metallic or plastic (PVC) material where flush type convenience outlets and switches are attached?

    B.  Junction box

    D.  Switch

    A.  Utility box

    C.  Lamp holder


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