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Assessment 2

Quiz by rico sambaan

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  • Q1
    Why we need to choose the right power tool?
    Some power tools are designed for a specific purpose.
    Power tools can cause serious injuries.
    Power tools are for easier operations.
    Some power tools are stationary.
  • Q2
    Why PPE is very important in handling power tools?
    It will make you fit to use the power tool.
    It prevents power tool get damaged.
    It prevents human error in handling the power tools.
    It is the last line of defense against harm and hazards.
  • Q3
    Why do we need to check the power tools plug and cable if it is in good condition?
    To prevent leaks from electric current.
    To prevent risk from tripping over.
    To prevent the risk of electric shock.
    To prevent damage from casings and covers.
  • Q4
    Why there is a need to keep the user’s manual of each power tool?
    To give details about its specifications and maintenance.
    To require maintenance to keep its durability.
    To keep the power tool in good condition.
    To ensure product specifications are applied.
  • Q5
    How does storing your power tools in a cool and dry place helps?
    Power Tools always have chances of accidents.
    It requires maintenance to keep up its durability.
    So that it doesn’t decrease the lifespan of the power tool.
    Small particles stick to the different parts of the equipment.
  • Q6
    If you want to trim down and smoothen wooden material that you need for your project, how will you do it?
    By using planer
    By using circular saw
    By using rotary sander
    By using angle grinder
  • Q7
    How will you prevent from getting exposed to the environmental hazards when using power tools?
    By fitting the protective guards of the power tools.
    Preventing others from using power tools.
    Wearing the right protective equipment when using power tools.
    Refraining from using power tools.
  • Q8
    This type of power tool can be used to drive screws by attaching different types of bits.
    Hand router
    Electric drill
    Angle grinder
    Rotary sander
  • Q9
    Which of the following power tools that is suitable for cutting 45 degrees as well as 90 degrees angle?
    Angle grinder
    Miter saw
    Circular saw
  • Q10
    Which of the following power tools that is suitable for cutting lumber in rip cut as well as cross cut?
    Angle grinder
    Circular saw
    Miter saw
  • Q11
    What type of power tool is suitable for cutting arcs and circular figures?
    Miter saw
    Circular saw
    Angle grinder
  • Q12
    It defined as a machine or device which is powered by an additional mechanism or source than the human body.
    Industrial tool
    Mechanical tool
    Pneumatic tool
    Power tool
  • Q13
    What do you call the parts of the power tools that are usually interchangeable?
    Safety guard
    Electric motor
    Power cords

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