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Quiz by Antonea Hankins

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4 questions
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  • Q1
    A client complains o a social worker that her 12-year-old daughter recently began bed-wetting after having no such issues “for years.” The client states that her daughter is having no problems at home or in school and she does not know the cause of her behavior. The client is very distress and asks the social worker for help. In order to assist, the social worker should FIRST:
    Contact child protective services to rule out the possibility of sexual abuse
    Meet with the daughter to see if there are problems of which the mother is not aware
    Recommend that client take her daughter to her physician for a medical examination
    Request a copy of the school records to determine if there are many developmental delays
  • Q2
    A client has been seeing a social worker to deal with the stress of caring for her aging parents. The client is also a single mother with three small children. Since the first appointment several months ago, she has cancelled many meeting with the social worker. When next speaking the client, the social worker should:
    Assess the client’s level of commitment to receiving ongoing social work services
    Inform the client that she will be charged for missed appointments as a way of motivating her
    Terminate services with the understanding that she can return if needed in the future
    Determine whether services can be delivered more conveniently
  • Q3
    During an assessment, a client admits to regularly using drugs. When asked about attempts to seek treatment, the client states that he is fearful of being “dope sick.” Based on this statement, the client is MOST likely using:
  • Q4
    A family comes to an agency complaining of their child's behavior problems. As a result of the assessment phase, the social worker believes that the marital relationship is the primary problem. The social worker should focus on:
    Developing the child's insight into behavior as a reaction to marital stress
    A discussion of the social worker's perception of the marital relationship
    The child and the ways the parents should react to the behavior
    The parents, confronting them with their relationship issues

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