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Assessment: C14 All Eyes Turn to Mecca

Quiz by Ana Roy Wiley

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35 questions
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  • Q1
    To understand Islam, the starting points are always one man and one place
    Medina & Mecca
    Jesus & Jerusalem
    Gabriel & Saudi Arabia
    Muhammed & Mecca
  • Q2
    Most people of the Arabian peninsula adapted to their inhospitable landscape by
    creating bridges between the great cultures of the world
    inventing advanced technology to combat the harsh environs
    living as nomadic traders in the desert
    living in large, protected city-states
  • Q3
    Born in Mecca and orphaned as a young child, Muhammad was raised by
    his uncle, a holy man, who took him on pilgrimage
    his uncle, a merchant, who took him along on his travels
    his uncle, a rich scholar, who tutored him
    his uncle, a famous warrior, who taught him to fight
  • Q4
    The Mecca in which Muhammed lived was
    an insignificant and ignored backwater
    a violent and dangerous city full of thieves
    the most prominent pilgrimage destination and trading center in the region
    an economically depressed and intolerant region
  • Q5
    In terms of religion, the Mecca in which Muhammad grew up was
    very diverse, despite people having to practice their religions secretly because of strict laws
    very hostile towards pagan faiths, while accepting of monotheistic ones
    not very diverse -- practically everyone was Muslim
    very tolerant -- it permitted the practice of all religions including Judaism, Christianity, and hundreds of pagan god worshipping faiths
  • Q6
    In the Arabian peninsula of this time
    people in towns had the most power
    merchants were seen as soft and inferior
    religious pilgrims had the most sway in decision making
    nomadic traders ruled the land
  • Q7
    The most holy site in Mecca at the time was the Kaaba, which was
    a huge structure dedicated to Allah
    a mythical "black stone"
    a huge Christian church that housed the relics of Mecca's Christian majority
    a huge black cube that housed 360 of the region's deities
  • Q8
    Muhammad's family was
    in charge of protecting the Kaaba
    instrumental in razing the Kaaba to the ground
    opposed to the Kaaba, as they found it offensive
    hostile toward pilgrims that came to see the Kaaba
  • Q9
    Because of his family, his experience trading, and his upbringing in Mecca, Muhammad
    knew all the teachings and traditions of most of the faiths in Mecca, including Judaism and Christianity
    felt that the teachings and traditions of most of the faiths in Mecca were sinful
    believed Judaism and Christianity, as well as followers of them, to be destined for hell
    was well-versed in many languages and cultures and could fit into any of them whenever he wanted
  • Q10
    Why was Muhammad frustrated when he went to the caves to meditate?
    He felt the tribes were arguing too much amongst themselves, and that morality was declining.
    He found the lack of faith amongst his family disappointing and was concerned about their spiritual well being.
    He had been traveling for three years and had become disgusted with the world.
    He believed that several of the tribes were trying to take over Mecca.
  • Q11
    According to tradition, who came to Muhammad in the caves and again three years later?
    Abu Bakr
  • Q12
    According to tradition, Muhammad traveled to __________, met the other _____________ (Noah, Moses, Jesus) and spoke with ___________.
    Medina; prophets; Khadijah
    Jerusalem; prophets; God
    Jerusalem; gods; Jesus
    Mecca; tribal leaders; God
  • Q13
    Muhammad, among his other qualities, was
    an accomplished musician
    a gifted speaker
    a jealous husband
    a poor leader
  • Q14
    At first the leaders of Mecca __________________ Muhammad and his new faith.
    were interested by
    pushed back against
  • Q15
    Eventually, the leaders realized Muhammad and his proselytism was "bad for business" because
    Mecca was a destination for many traders and pilgrims with diverse backgrounds; leadership was worried people would stop coming if they heard they weren't welcome or would be criticized
    Mecca was a destination for many traders and pilgrims with diverse backgrounds; leadership had concerns that Muhammad would gain more followers
    Mecca was a destination for many traders and pilgrims with diverse backgrounds; Muhammad's strongmen had taken to kidnapping them and forcing them to accept his new religion
    Mecca was a destination for many traders and pilgrims with diverse backgrounds; Muhammad wanted to tax all of them heavily

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