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Quiz by Aaron James De Leon

Grade 8
Philippines Curriculum: Grades K-10 (MELC)

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5 questions
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  • Q1

    The word"bibliography" originated from the Greek words ‘biblion’ meaning a book and

    ‘graphia’ meaning to _______.

    A. copy B. listen C. read D.write

    A. copy 


    B. listen

    C. read 

  • Q2

    2.  Which of the following print materials refers o a scholarly published periodical containing

    articles written by researchers, professors, and other experts?

    A. books B. journals C.magazines D. newspapers


    D. newspapers

    B. journals

    A. books 

  • Q3

    3.   Which of the following refers to any materials or information taken from the internet?

    A. Instagram B. online media D. YouTube

     D. YouTube

    B. online

    A. Instagram media

  • Q4

    4. What punctuation is used to separate the information in a bibliography entry?

    A. comma B. exclamation point C. period D. quotation mark

    A. comma 

     B. exclamation poin

    C. period

    D. quotation mark

  • Q5

    5. What does the Latin phrase et al. mean?

    A. among others B. and others C. for example D. with others

    D. with others

    A. among others

     C. for example 

    B. and others


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