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Assignment: Text Evidence Match-up Question

Quiz by Christine French

Grade 7
ELA (2017)
Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS)

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Grade 7
ELA (2017)
Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS)


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11 questions
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  • Q1

    16. Read this sentence from paragraph 1 of the selection "A Massive Mission."

    As one observer said, the move was a "once-in-forever moment in history."

    Which statement from the selection best supports the idea in this sentence?

    Dozens of photographers and filmmakers were on hand to capture every minute (paragraph 4).

    Huge steel plates were placed atop streets along the route. (paragraph 3)

    Strapped to the back of a specially adapted Boeing 747 airplane, it was blown across the country to Edwards Air Force Base in California.

    After soaring past the famous Hollywood sign, Endeavour landed at the Los Angeles International Airport. (paragraph 2)

  • Q2

    34. Read line 14 from the poem.

    Soon I'd be a rich young man.

    Which sentence from the selection best matches the feeling expressed by the speaker in line 14 of the poem?

    The Tlingit, people native to the area, offered their services as guides.

    One city that was drastically changed by the discovery of gold in the Yukon was Seattle, Washington.

    News of the gold find gave people hope.

    Before the gold rush was over, Mulroney had opened several restaurants and hotels in Dawson.

  • Q3

    7. Which sentence best supports the idea that more than one language is spoken in La Gomera?

    The whistles were often used to make public announcements or to send invitations to events. (paragraph 4)

    Cyro loves whistling to communicate.

    It is far from being the common language that it used to be. (paragraph 5)

    Whistling allowed islanders to deliver messages across the ravines without having to walk great distances around them. (paragraph 4)

  • Q4

    26. Read this sentence from "Soaring to New Heights."

    Her coach now uses a whistle to keep her centered, and Brown uses a beeper that alerts her when to plant her pole."

    Which phrase from "See It Through" illustrates that the mother also accomplishes tasks in a creative way?

    mother showed me how to live outside of limits

    mention that my mom is in a wheelchair

    strapping herself to some stranger's lap in order to zip-line

    a cheerleader on the sideline of my soccer games

  • Q5

    23. Which sentence from the selection "DO Look Down!" best explains why the Hualapai wanted to create the Grand Canyon Skywalk?

    They needed an extreme attraction to bring new economic life to their home. (paragraph 2)

    Nature lovers from around the world come to see the Grand Canyon. (paragraph 1)

    After much discussion, tribal elders supported the idea to build the skywalk. (paragraph 4)

    Then one day David Jin, a businessman from Las Vegas, suggested this unique project to the Hualapai tribe members. (paragraph 3)


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