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At the restaurant

Quiz by 004 Kamonwan Praputha

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  • Q1

    Who is she?

    Question Image

    A water

    A waiter

    A waitess

    A waitress

  • Q2

    Who is he?

    Question Image

    A wait

    A waiter

    A weiter

    A waitress

  • Q3

    The waiter: Do you have a reservation?

    The customer: _____________________.

    What should the customer answer?

    No, she has a flight booking.

    Yes, I do.

    Yes, I am full.

    I don't want to do it.

  • Q4

    The customer: Can I have a menu, please?

    The waitress: ________________________.

    What should the waitress answer?

    We’re fully booked at the moment.

    Yes, here you are.

    Yes, come this way, please.

    Would you follow me, please?

  • Q5

    “Are you ready to order?” 

    What should we response?

    That’s all, thank you.

    Yes, I am lady to eat fried rice.

    We’d like to order Tom Yum Goong.

    A table for two please.

  • Q6

    The waiter: May I get you anything to drink?

    Pleum: Yes, please. May I get 2 glasses of orange juice?

    The waiter: _______________________.

    What should the waiter answer?





  • Q7

    The waiter: Would you like a dessert?

    Sarit: ______________________________.

    What should he answer?

    Pad Thai is better!

    Cake is not good for your health.

    I'd like to dance.

    I'd like a piece of Thai tea mousse cake.

  • Q8

    The waiter: Can I get you anything else?

    Sarit: ______________________________.

    What should he answer?

    I want you.

    I get you.

    So expensive!

    That’s all, thank you.

  • Q9

    The waiter: How does it taste?

    Kamchai: ___________________________.

    What should he answer?

    Not many.

    It is so funny.

    It tastes delicious!

    I want to buy more food.

  • Q10

    Ford: I am ready to pay the bill.

    The waitress: __________________________.

    What should the waitress answer?

    It is so cheap, isn't it?

     How would you like to pay, cash or card?

     How would you like to do?

    Don't waste your money!


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