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Ateneo HEARTER Online Orientation

Quiz by Eurodaisy Lyka

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20 questions
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  • Q1
    What does Ateneo HEARTER Online stand for?
    Holistic. Empowering. Adaptive. Responsive. Technology-aided. Engaging. Reflective
    Holistic. Empowering. Adaptive. Relevant. Technology-aided. Easy. Reflective.
    Holistic. Exciting. Adaptive. Relevant. Technology-aided. Engaging. Relevant.
    Holistic. Empowering. Adaptive. Relevant. Technology-aided. Engaging. Reflective.
  • Q2
    What is the Learning Management System (LMS) used by the school?
    MS Teams + Zoom
    Canvas + Zoom
    Google Classroom + Meet
    Office 365 + MS Teams
  • Q3
    How do you join a synchronous meeting?
    Calendar and Links posted in the Channel
    Calendar only
    Links only
    Click the MEET NOW icon
  • Q4
    From what TAB can you download files?
  • Q5
    The following are SELF CARE Pre Check-In Guidelines EXCEPT for one.
    Exercise proper hygiene.
    Make sure your laptop is fully charged.
    Wear the prescribed online class attire.
    Eat a healthy breakfast.
  • Q6
    If you want to attend to personal needs, what emoji should you use?
    sad emoji
    high five emoji
    happy emoji
    crying emoji
  • Q7
    The following are guidelines in your learning space and schedule EXCEPT for one.
    Make sure to have an easy access to power outlets.
    Arrange a learning space with a clean desk and comfortable chair.
    Stay in a noisy and dark room.
    Post a visible copy of your class schedule.
  • Q8
    On using devices and technology, the following are advised EXCEPT for one.
    Set up devices properly.
    Make sure devices are well-connected to the internet.
    Setting the camera too close that only half of your face is shown.
    Seek assistance from parents or guardians in plugging in to power outlets.
  • Q9
    In checking in synchronous meetings, at least how many minutes before the time should you wait in the meeting lobby?
    1 hour
    5 minutes
    30 minutes
    15 minutes
  • Q10
    During synchronous sessions, you should do the following EXCEPT one.
    Listen and participate actively.
    Work on the task diligently.
    Using the chat box to give side comments.
    Be attentive and take down notes.
  • Q11
    Upon entering the meeting room, what is the BEST thing to do?
    Turn on the camera and microphone.
    Turn off the camera and microphone.
    Turn on the camera and turn off the microphone.
    Turn off the camera and turn on the microphone.
  • Q12
    If you have a question or a concern you want to be addressed right away, what should you do?
    Click the RAISE HAND button and turn on the microphone.
    Turn on the microphone and blurt out my question right away.
    Click the RAISE HAND button and wait for the teacher to recognize you.
    Ask it right away.
  • Q13
    During the Adviser's Check-out. You should do the following EXCEPT for one.
    Leave the meeting and log out of MS Teams right away.
    Be open to seek clarifications and assistance.
    Observe the guidelines on synchronous meetings.
    Be honest about your progress.
  • Q14
    The following are some of the things that you are permitted to do in MS Teams EXCEPT for one.
    Download some files.
    React and reply to posts.
    Start my own class meeting.
    Upload your assignments.
  • Q15
    The MORNING ROUTINE is composed of the following activities EXCEPT for one.
    Philippine National Anthem
    Morning Spiritual Warm Up
    Audio and video check
    The Ateneo Hearter's Creed

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