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Atoms and nuclear radiation

Quiz by Horia

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45 questions
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  • Q1

    State the average radius of an atom 

    1x 10-10


  • Q2

    What is the atomic number? 

    Number of protons

    Number of neutrons

    Number of electrons

  • Q3

    Define isotope

    Atoms with the same atomic number but different number of neutrons 

    Atoms with the same number of protons but different number of electrons

    Atoms with the same  number of neutrons but different number of protons 

  • Q4

    Where is the mass of an atom? 

    Concentrated in the centre

    Distributed evenly

  • Q5

    What is the location of electrons in an atom

    Distributed evenly 

    Specific distances from the nucleus 

  • Q6

    State the relative mass of a proton, neutron and electron 

    1, 0, 1/1836

    1, 1, 1/1836

    +1, 0, -1

  • Q7

    State the relative charge of a proton, neutron and electron 

    +1, +1, -1 

    +1, 0, -1

    -1, 0, +1 

  • Q8

    What is the atomic mass number

    Total number of protons + electrons 

    Total number of neutrons - protons 

    Total number of protons + neutrons 

  • Q9

    What happens when an electron absorbs EM radiation? 

    It moves to a higher energy level further from the nucleus 

    It moves to a lower energy level closer to the nucleus 

  • Q10

    What happens to an electron when it emits EM radiation?

    It moves to a higher energy level further to the nucleus 

    It moves to a lower energy level closer to the nucleus 

  • Q11

    Which atomic model did the alpha particle scattering experiment lead to? 

    Nuclear model

    Plum pudding model 

    Bohr model 

  • Q12

    Who discovered the neutron? 

    James Chadwick 

    John Dalton 

    J.J. Thompson 

  • Q13

    Why are some samples radioactive? 

    The nuclei are small 

    They contain too many nuclei 

    They contain unstable nuclei 

  • Q14

    How would you describe the nature of radioactive decay? 

    Hazardous and predictable 

    Random and unpredictable

  • Q15

    Name 3 types of  radiation caused by spontaneous decay of nuclei

    alpha, beta, gamma 

    alpha, beta, neutrons


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