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Australia & Oceania Review

Quiz by laura borrego

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18 questions
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  • Q1
    Why are most of Australia’s cities on the eastern and southeastern coast of the country?
    Question Image
    The climate is temperate, and there is good rainfall.
    The North is too cold in winter for ports to stay open.
    The central part of the country is too wet.
    The climate is temperate, and there is good rainfall. This is a correct answer
  • Q2
    Which country’s culture had the greatest impact on the language and religion of Australia?
    Question Image
    United Kingdom (Great Britain)
    United States
  • Q3
    Which of the following is an important aspect of Aboriginal culture?
    Question Image
    Written language
    Belief in Dreamtime, Dot Art & Rock Art
    Use of the English language
    Songs written for the piano
  • Q4
    What do the following have in common?
    Question Image
    reasons for the Netherlands to colonize Australia
    reasons for France to colonize Australia
    reasons for United States to colonize Australia
    reasons for United Kingdom to colonize Australia
  • Q5
    Which is a reason that the British wanted to start a colony in Australia?
    Question Image
    to use it as a penal colony
    to have religious freedom
    to expand trade with the Aborigines
    to reduce the population of London
  • Q6
    A major characteristic of New Zealand's Maori is--
    Question Image
    They paint their bodies
    They tattoo their bodies and perform a haka
    They speak English
    The believe in Dreamtime
  • Q7
    What is the world's largest coral reef system stretching for over 1,400 miles?
    Question Image
    Great Barrier Reef
  • Q8
    Which mountain range can be found in Australia?
    Question Image
    Great Dividing Range
    Great Rift Valley
    Ural Mountains
    Andes Mountains
  • Q9
    The vast, remote, desert interior of Australia is known as the--
    Question Image
    Atacama Desert
    Great Dividing Range
  • Q10
    Why did many British colonists move to Australia?
    Question Image
    Gold Rush
    Silver Rush
    Opal mines
    Discovery of kangaroos
  • Q11
    This is a ring-shaped reef, island, or chain of islands formed of coral.
    Question Image
    Great Barrier Reef
  • Q12
    Due to maintaining strong ties to Great Britain, what is the level of development of Australia?
    Question Image
    Developing & modern
    Developed, but dependent on Britain for help
    Underdeveloped & dependent
    Developed & modern
  • Q13
    What is one reason the US trades more with Mexico and Canada instead of South Africa?
    Question Image
    Closer location
    To help them out
    Better food
    Because we love them
  • Q14
    Aborigines hunted & gathered what they needed to survive, and traded with others. This is a:
    Question Image
    socialist economy
    free enterprise economy
    command economy
    traditional economy
  • Q15
    This type of economy is mostly free enterprise, but with government regulations for safety. It is the economy type of Australia and the US.
    Question Image
    command economy
    mixed economy
    traditional economy
    socialist economy

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