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Australia Review

Quiz by Kristin Martin

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20 questions
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  • Q1
    What form of government does Australia have?
    Presidential Democracy
    Parliamentary Democracy
  • Q2
    Why do few people live in the interior Australia?
    there are too many swamps
    climate is too harsh
    no access to trade routes
    the land is too wet
  • Q3
    Where does most of Australia's population live?
    southeast coast
    northwest coast
    northeast coast
    southwest coast
  • Q4
    Why are Natural Resources important to any countries economy?
    like russia, Australia can't get to their NR's
    Asbestos means they can't mine
    Australia has too many NR's
    can trade for other goods
  • Q5
    Who cannot vote in Australian elections?
    Someone in prision
    18 year olds

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