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Awesome Actions for School

Quiz by Tyler Wayne

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30 questions
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  • Q1
    Being prepared for school with work completed and turned in on time is an example of:
    Being Responsible
    Being safe
    Being bored
    Being Good
  • Q2
    The teacher has asked you to take out your Journey's textbook and turn to page 332. What's the expected behavior?
    Take out the textbook and turn to page 332
    Do something else
    Finish talking to your neighbor
    Ask for a break
  • Q3
    Listening actively without interrupting in order to understand means to:
    Get a Dojo point
    Show disrespect
    Get something you want
    Show respect
  • Q4
    A behavior that encourages others to feel calm or possibly even happy in response is an:
    Disruptive Behavior
    Unexpected Behavior
    Positive Behavior
    Expected Behavior
  • Q5
    A behavior that make people who witness the behavior feel stress or possibly become upset by it.
    Negative Behavior
    Unexpected Behavior
    Disruptive Behavior
    Expected Behavior
  • Q6
    How people feel affects how they treat someone.
  • Q7
    Unexpected behaviors usually cause others to feel:
    Bored or sleepy
    Angry or violent
    Stressed or upset
    Happy or calm
  • Q8
    Expected behaviors usually make others feel
    Angry and frustrated
    Wild and silly
    Safe and happy
  • Q9
    An example of listening actively is:
    Playing in your desk
    Eye contact on the speaker
    Talking when someone else is talking
  • Q10
    When the teacher asks a question to the entire class, the expected behavior is to:
    Write down the answer
    Talk to your neighbor
    Raise your hand and wait
    Blurt out the answer
  • Q11
    During math time, your classmate has a book out and is reading under the desk. This is an example of:
    Expected behavior
    Unexpected behavior
    Being bored
  • Q12
    Following classroom agreements is a way to show others that you are:
    The teacher's favorite
  • Q13
    Turning to face a classmate who is answering a question or asking a question is a way to:
    Be disrespectful
    Get points for your group
    Let everyone feel important
    Make the teacher happy
  • Q14
    Someone cuts in front of you in line as you are going out to recess. This is an:
    Positive behavior
    Unexpected behavior
    Expected behavior
    Disrespectful behavior
  • Q15
    Accepting the consequence for unexpected behavior is an example of what?
    Getting in trouble
    Taking responsibility
    Disagreeing with the teacher

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