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Aztecs & Inca

Quiz by Brook Jeffries

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23 questions
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  • Q1

    What was one benefit of settling on land surrounded by Lake Texcoco?

    It was easy to defend.

    It was made of volcanic rock.

    It had a deep harbor.

    It had dense forests.

  • Q2

    Why did the Aztecs of Tenochtitlán build chinampas?

    to catch fish for special meals

    to enlarge their land area

    to keep invaders away

    to get a fresh water supply

  • Q3

    Why did the Aztecs in Tenochtitlán need these technologies : aqueducts, dikes, causeways, canals?

    because they followed the seasons

    because they lived on islands

    because they ruled a large empire

    because they traveled frequently

  • Q4

    The Aztec Empire was based on tribute. This means that the people who lived in the empire

    had to speak the Aztec language.

    paid goods to the Aztec government

    worshipped Aztec gods

    rebelled against the Aztec leaders

  • Q5

    Which of these facts best shows that war was at the center of Aztec life?

    Aztec culture spread over a wide area

    Some Aztec people grew wealthy

    The Aztec Empire lasted many years.

    All Aztec men were trained as soldiers

  • Q6

    This pattern of events happened with a number of city-states:• The Aztecs invited them to be an ally.• They had 60 days to respond.• If they refused, the Aztecs declared war. This process enabled the Aztecs to

    expand their empire

  • Q7

    A set of strings tied into knots, called a quipu, was an aid for

    remembering information

  • Q8

    Much of the land that was once the Inca Empire is in which countries today?

    Peru and Ecuador

  • Q9

    What does the picture on the Mexican flag symbolize?

    a struggle between the powers of the earth and sky

    . the joining of different peoples to make one na/on

    the strength of Aztec armies to conquer their neighbors

    a legend about how Aztecs knew where to build their city

  • Q10

    How did the Incas develop the advances listed below?

    • well-planned cities• elaborate irriga/on methods

    adapted them from the Chimus

  • Q11

    What did the Incas create to hold their empire together?

    a network of roads

  • Q12

    When a Chosen Woman was 12 years old, she would most likely be

    . living with her family.

    married to a commoner

    helping to govern a village.

    to learn Incan law and language

  • Q13

    According to one Inca legend, the people were descended from

    Inti, the sun god

  • Q14

    The Incas transmitted messages from one part of their empire to another by

    an elaborate relay system

  • Q15

    How did the Aztecs live before building their city on the island in Lake Texcoco?

    They were wandering hunter-gatherers

    They were traders along the Silk Road.

    They were farmers on the Yucatán Peninsula.

    They were fishermen along the Gulf of Mexico.


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