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B1+ 3C Listening

Quiz by Corina Cucos

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7 questions
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  • Q1

    Why does Antonio ask Matthew how he found his flatmate?

    because Antonio wants to move in with Matthew

    because Antonio needs to find a flatmate, too

    because Antonio knows Matthew's flatmate

  • Q2

    When did Matthew and his flatmate realise they had already met?

    when he talked to Antonio

    when he answered a newspaper advert

    when his flatmate made a cake

  • Q3

    What experience did Matthew and his flatmate share as children?

    They helped their mothers bake.

    Their birthdays were the same day.

    They ate the same thing on their birthdays.

  • Q4

    Why did Matthew's flatmate call his mother?

    to find out where the recipe came from

    to tell her about Matthew

    to ask her if he could share the recipe with Matthew

  • Q5

    What is true about Matthew's mother and his flatmate's mother?

    They live in the same town.

    They're best friends.

    They're no longer friends.

  • Q6

    How did Matthew's mother feel about Matthew's cake?




  • Q7

    What does Antonio mean when he says, sounds good?

    He wants to try the cake.

    The story is interesting.

    He wants to meet the flatmate.


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