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B1 Life - Unit 6 - Wellbeing

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88 questions
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  • Q1
    a joining or bringing together; a grouping of different things
    combination (n)
  • Q2
    good for your body
    healthy (adj)
  • Q3
    containing substances essential to good health
    nutritional (adj)
  • Q4
    describes food that is good for your health
    nutritious (adj)
  • Q5
    the size of something
    scale (n)
  • Q6
    a large-scale systematic plan for attaining some particular end
    scheme (n)
  • Q7
    of undisputed origin; genuine
    authentic (adj)
  • Q8
    to become so hot that bubbles are formed in a liquid and rise to the top
    boil (v)
  • Q9
    to avoid dealing with a company as a protest against it in order to make it alter policies
    boycott (v)
  • Q10
    an expert or very discriminating person, especially in matters of art and taste
    connoisseur (n)
  • Q11
    a principle or standard by which something may be judged or decided
    criteria (n)
  • Q12
    a hard outermost layer
    crust (n)
  • Q13
    a select part of a group that is superior to the rest in terms of ability or qualities
    elite (adj)
  • Q14
    to produce alcohol by chemical action
    ferment (v)
  • Q15
    common, widespread, general
    generic (adj)

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