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B2L6 VOC Reading: Making Peace

Quiz by 陳怡蓉

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  • Q1
    Why was Lucy hesitant to talk to Emily at first?
    Emily had apologized already.
    Emily was staring at her book.
    They had teased her and made fun of her last week.
    Lucy didn't like talking to people.
  • Q2
    What made Emily feel regretful about her actions towards Lucy?
    Feeling sick to her stomach.
    Overhearing Lucy telling Mrs. Smith how she felt.
    Talking to Lucy at the school ceremony.
    Being rude on purpose.
  • Q3
    How did Lucy respond to Emily's genuine apology?
    Rejected the apology.
    Ignored Emily.
    Immediately trusted Emily.
    Accepted the apology but mentioned it would take time to trust again.
  • Q4
    What did Emily promise to do to make amends with Lucy?
    Defend Lucy if anyone else tried to bully her.
    Ignore Lucy.
    Avoid talking to Lucy.
    Tease Lucy again.
  • Q5
    Where did Emily and Lucy sit together weeks later?
    In the school cafeteria.
    At the school ceremony.
    At Lucy's house.
    At the park.
  • Q6
    What did Lucy say about their current status as friends?
    It's better to be alone.
    It's better to hold grudges.
    It's better to forget.
    It's better to be friends than enemies.
  • Q7
    How did Emily and Lucy signify moving past the bullying incident?
    They had a serious conversation.
    They stopped talking to others.
    They avoided each other.
    Their laughter filled the room.
  • Q8
    What did Emily and Lucy do to ensure no one else would feel out of place?
    They left the school.
    They ignored others.
    They teased others.
    They were ready to face the school year together, defending each other.

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