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  • Q1
    The diagram shows how specialized body cells can develop. Which of the following best explains why cells that contain the same genetic material do not develop into the same types of cells?
    Question Image
    because internal or external stimuli can trigger the activation of specific genes in the DNA of cells
    because random mutations RNA is converted to transfer RNA when cell differentiation begins
    because chemical signals that are released during the cell cycle can result in the linking of similar genes
    because random mutations can occur in the DNA of cells during early embryonic development
  • Q2
    What is the role of mRNA in expressing specialized structures?
    making energy available for cellular activities
    providing information to form proteins
    creating bonds to form biomolecules
    producing sugar that assist with replication
  • Q3
    From a single fertilized ovum, undergoing a series of rapid cell divisions, a human infant develops. The embryonic cells become specialized for a variety of functions. Which of these statements best describe how different cell types develop?
    each cell type has only one chromosome containing the DNA needed for that cell type
    each cell has an identical copy of DNA with enzymes controlling the expression of specific genes, leading to a variety of cells.
    each cell type contains only the active parts of the DNA needed for that cell type
    each cell has multiple copies of DNA that are affected in different ways by the environment to change the function of the cell at re
  • Q4
    As a fertilized egg divides, the cells differentiate because they--
    have specific genes activated
    contain a lipid bilayer
    metabolize sugar rapidly
    can clump together
  • Q5
    Researchers Robert Briggs and Thomas King used ultraviolet radiation to destroy the nuclear DNA of frog eggs. Nuclei from adult skin cells and from tadpole-gut epithelial cells were cultured and then injected into eggs that had their nuclei destroyed. The results were tadpoles. Which conclusion is supported by the data from this investigation?
    Question Image
    The DNA information from development was silenced in differentiated cells.
    The transplanted DNA mutated during culturing.
    Te DNA from skin cells and epithelial cells was not transcribed.
    the transplanted DNA functioned as the original nuclear DNA of the egg cell would have.
  • Q6
    Cell differentiation is critical during embryonic development. The process of cell differentiation results in the production of many types of cells, including germ, somatic, and stem cells. Cell differentiation is most directly is most directly regulated by__

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