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Bardonia School Rules!!

Quiz by Rita Schmidt

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  • Q1
    What is the name of the Bardonia anti-bullying program?
  • Q2
    Which statement is the first rule of the Olweus program?
    I will try not to bully others.
    I should only bully my brother or sister.
    I will only bully others on the bus.
    I will not bully others.
  • Q3
    True, False or Maybe? I do NOT have to help others who are bullied because someone else will.
    False, I DO have to help others.
    True, I don't need to help others.
  • Q4
    It's OK to leave others out of recess games, especially if they don't play very well.
    It always OK to do that.
    Sometimes it is OK to do that.
    It's never OK to do that.
  • Q5
    True, False or Maybe: Watching, laughing and joining in are 3 great things to do when someone is being bullied.
    True. It's fun to watch others be bullied.
    False, it's never OK to watch, laugh or join in.
    Sometimes it is OK to watch, laugh or join in.
  • Q6
    Is it Ok to say nothing when you see someone is being bullied?
    No. It's never OK to say nothing.
    It is OK to say nothing because I do not want to be bullied.
    It depends...
  • Q7
    Mary Sue has a new pair of winter boots. Some girls in her class tell her they are not real Uggs. Is this bullying? Yes or No?
    No. The classmates are just not being nice.
    Yes, this is bullying.
  • Q8
    Fred and Tim like to play football with the kids in their neighborhood. But during EVERY game Fred shoves and punches Tim when Tim makes a good play. Could this be bullying?
    No, I don't think so.
    Yes, because the aggressive behavior happens repeatedly.
  • Q9
    Some kids like to play with legos during indoor recess. Ben asks to join in, but is told that there are not enough legos for him to build with. A group of girls witness this and say nothing to the kids or the teacher. Are the girls bystanders in this example?
    I'm not sure.
    Yes, they are bystanders and they should have said something.
    No, they are not bystanders.
  • Q10
    If someone says something mean to you once or maybe twice, is that bullying?
    No, that is not bullying.
    I'm not sure.

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