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Basic Introduction to PSAIM

Quiz by PT Risk Matrix Consulting Indonesia

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  • Q1

    Which of the following industrial disasters was considered historically the worst of all time?

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    Amuay Refinery, 2012

    1984 Bhopal, India

    Connecticut Power Plant, 2010

    Texas City Refinery, 2005

  • Q2

    What caused an interest in developing OSHA's process safety management regulations?

    Food industry spills of hazardous substances

    Public employee union demands for improved safety

    Disasters involving unexpected releases of hazardous chemicals

    Disclosure of public records involving illegal use of chemicals

  • Q3

    The process safety management standard targets highly hazardous chemicals that have the potential to cause a _____ incident. 





  • Q4

    A major causal finding by CSB investigators of the BP American Refinery explosion was that BP and similar companies _____.

    give lagging indicator data less importance

    do not use the data from performance indicators

    focus on lagging indicator data

    emphasize leading indicator data

  • Q5

    PHA priority should be given first to processes_____.

    with the least complexity

    that are most complex

    that affect the most employees

    with the highest cost

  • Q6

    Which PHA method is a systematic study of component failures using a diagram of an operation?

    Hazard and Operability Study (HAZOP)

    What-if Study

    Failure mode and Effects Analysis (FMEA)

    Fault Tree Analysis

  • Q7

    Which of the following Process Safety Management (PSM) program elements provides specific instructions on the steps to take in a process?

    Question Image

    Management of change

    Process hazard analysis

    Operating procedures

    Mechanical integrity

  • Q8

    Which of the following should be addressed when determining operating limits?

    Steps required to correct or avoid deviation

    Emergency shutdown procedures

    Quality control of raw materials

    Properties and hazards presented by chemicals

  • Q9

    The PSM standard requires the employer to perform_____ for new facilities and significantly modified facilities.

    safety trainingorientation

    a follow-up safetyinspection

    a pre-startup safety review

    an audit of the psmprogram

  • Q10

    Each inspection and/or test on process equipment must be _____.

    Question Image


    able to meet the ANSI ISO 28000 standard requirement

    randomly performed

    limited to problematic equipment

  • Q11

    Which of the following considerations must be included in written PSM procedures prior to any change?

    Timelines for employer compliance

    Impact of the change on employee safety and health

    Necessary time required by OSHA for reporting

    The ability of the employer to make reasonable changes

  • Q12

    The PSM standard requires the investigation of each incident that resulted in workplace  _____.

    OSHA violations and citations

    serious illnesses and environmental impacts

    near misses, injuries, and illnesses

    catastrophic release of a highly hazardous chemical

  • Q13

    When conducting a PSM compliance audit, which of the following elements should receive special consideration?

    Question Image


    Mechanical integrity

    Trade secrets

    Reporting procedures

  • Q14

    Process Safety is a blend of engineering and management skills focused on preventing catastrophic accidents, except


    toxic releases


    severe falls and trips

  • Q15

    The characteristics of major accidents are the following, except

    we can afford to have one

    they can happen to us

    that they've probably already happened to someone else

    they're entirely preventable


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