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  • Q1

    When finishing a time entry or note on a ticket you should always

    append the notes to resolution.

    set the ticket status to closed.

    have a next step noted, a service call scheduled, or a note that the client confirmed the resolution works.

    add a base service charge.

  • Q2

    How many hours is a strong technician asked to document per week if their queue is busy?





  • Q3

    Each of your unscheduled tickets should have a note or activity at least

    every four days

    every day

    every two days

    every week

  • Q4

    Every morning this should be your routine before answering the phones:

    Users link answers
  • Q5

    To advance from entry level you must:

    be familiar with the Unifi controller and comfortable adopting and configuring a basic network

    be comfortable creating and editing SQL procedure calls

    receive your advanced 3cx certification

    close at least 10 tickets per week

  • Q6

    When adding time to a ticket you should round rather than using exact times.

    True or False
  • Q7

    If you find it necessary to offer a client after hours service at standard hourly rates rather than after hours, please do the following.

    contact your manager to get approval before moving ahead with this decision

    leave an internal note explaining why you are making this decision

    be sure to tell the client you are doing them a favor

    enter your time and notes before clocking out for the day

  • Q8

    Who is responsible for making sure a ticket is progressing and gets completed properly?

    the technician that worked on the ticket most recently

    the primary resource

    the person managing the team responsible for the ticket

    the technician that created the ticket

  • Q9

    If there is a service call on your calendar with no specific notes it is expected that

    the service call can be moved to a more appropriate time if prior activities run long

    the service call is a placeholder or reminder to dispatch the ticket

    who ever put the service call on the calendar will soon update the notes on the service call

    the client is planning on you working on the ticket at the specific time on the service call

  • Q10

    If you worked on multiple tickets during a service call it is alright to add your time to only one of the tickets

    True or False
  • Q11

    When creating a ticket to address multiple issues you should always

    create a detailed description explaining all of the issues

    create a simple, but clear title for the ticket

    remember to not do it, create separate tickets instead

    be sure to add the primary contact to the ticket so they are notified of the issue

  • Q12

    If a service call is canceled for some reason, please delete the service call to help clarify your calendar.

    True or False
  • Q13

    If you have eight tickets assigned to you

    You should avoid picking up any more tickets until you can complete some of yours.

    You are about right, not too many or too few.

    You should talk to Tane about offloading some of your tickets to other technicians.

    You should prioritize picking up some more tickets so you have a full load.

  • Q14

    If working with Intuit support and they are researching an issue and will reach back out to you tomorrow, you should set the ticket status as

    Waiting Technician

    Waiting Vendor

    Waiting Dispatch


  • Q15

    When attempting to bottom bun a ticket, but the client isn't available, you should

    Set the ticket status as Waiting Dispatch

    Attempt to contact the client three different times on three different days before closing the ticket.

    Confirm the resolution works for yourself, note this, and then close the ticket.

    Run the resolution by your team and confirm with them you can close the ticket.


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