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be /get used to 1

Quiz by Victoria González

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  • Q1
    Jane had to .... on the left.
    was used to driving
    would drive
    used to drive
    get used to drivin
  • Q2
    We a small village but now we live in London.
    are used to living
    got used to living
    used to live
    would live
  • Q3
    Tom ... a lot of coffee, but now he prefers tea.
    is used to drinking
    gets used to drinking
    would drink
    use to drink
  • Q4
    I feel very full after that meal. I... so much.
    used to eat
    am not used to eating
    would eat
    got used to eating
  • Q5
    I wouldn't like to share an office. I... my own office.
    used to have
    would have
    am used to having
    get used to having
  • Q6
    I ..., but I sold it a few months ago.
    would have
    get used to having
    am used to having
    used to have
  • Q7
    When we were children, we... swimming every day.
    used to swimming
    are used to swimming
    would swim
    get used to swimming
  • Q8
    There ... a cinema here, but it was knocked down a few years ago.
    got used to being
    used to be
    was used to being
    would be
  • Q9
    I´m the boss here! I.... told what to do.
    wouldn't be
    didn't use to be
    am not used to being
    don't get used to be

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