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Beauty Care 9_3rd PT

Quiz by CID Marikina

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50 questions
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  • Q1

    If you were one of the beauticians, you should sanitize your hands__________.

    after giving nail care services

    before giving nail care services    

    before and after giving nail care services

    once a day before giving nail services

  • Q2

    Why do you have to apply antiseptic on a cut nail tissue immediately?

    to maintain good health conditions of the client      C. to prevent the growth &development of microorganism

    to minimize the growth of the bacteria

    to prevent the growth & development of microorganism.

    to prevent the growth of disease-carrying microorganism

  • Q3

    Which of the following is the proper way of filing when shaping the nail?

    File the nail back and forth 

    File deep on the corners of the nail

    Place the file slightly under the free & file from corner to center

    Hold the file firmly and file from center to corner of the nail

  • Q4

    What cosmetic beauty treatment for the fingernails and toenails is performed at home or in a nail salon? 

    Foot Spa  


    Nail Care Service     

    Wellness Massage

  • Q5

    What do you call the articles used in a nail care service which are durable or permanent and hand held?


    Hand Massage     



  • Q6

    What implement or tool is made of metal and used to trim fingernails and toenails?

    Cuticle scissor               

    Nail buffer       

    Nail cutter

    Nail file

  • Q7

    What do we call the tool that used to push back or loosen the cuticle?

    Cuticle nail pusher   

    Cuticle nipper

    Cuticle remover

    Nail file

  • Q8

    Which equipment in a salon is used for sterilizing metal implements to kill microorganisms?

    Foot Spa Machine     

    Nail Dryer  



  • Q9

    What protective covering is used for hygienic purposes and to prevent the face from chemical exposure?




    Smock Gown

  • Q10

    Why is it important to sterilize metal implements, sanitize wooden tools and disinfect hand tools before and after use?

    Because contaminated tools can cause bacterial and fungal infections.

    Because cleaned tools can prevent potential diseases.

    Because contaminated tools harbor any microorganisms that could harm people if used.

    Because we want to ensure safety and prevent any potential harm that it might cause to clients.

  • Q11

    Which of the following statements is NOT included in Sterilization process?

    Inspect tools and equipment regularly to identify defective ones

    Place implements in a 70% - 90% alcohol solution for 20 mins

     Soak implements in hot, soapy water solution to remove any debris and oil residue

    Saturate a cleaning cloth with disinfectant solution and wipe the entire surface

  • Q12

    Why do we need to keep the workplace clean and safe in a nail salon?

    To give proper service

    To attract customers to come in

    To gain more profit if more customers come

    To satisfy the customer's needs and provide comfortable and sanitary conditions

  • Q13

    Why is there a need for a tool to be repaired or disposed of immediately if not functional anymore?

    for cleanliness     

    for maintenance purposes    

    for safety and prevention of injuries

    for inspection and inventory purposes

  • Q14

    When do we say that nail tools and equipment are in good condition?

    if it is clean      

    if it is functional        

    if it is rust-free

    All of the above

  • Q15

    Which of the following gives you the best idea about the purpose of the nails?

    Nails protect the ends of fingers and toes and to help the fingers grasp small objects

    Nail surface is smooth, curved and unspotted, without any hollows or wavy ridges

    Nails replace themselves every four months

    Nail grows fastest on the middle finger andslowest on the thumb


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