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Beginning of school: La clase de español

Quiz by Miranda Reyes

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10 questions
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  • Q1

    What month in Spanish is NOT a cognate? Unscramble the letters to find the answer.

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  • Q2

    Listen to the recording and put the cognates you hear in order as you hear them.

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  • Q3

    How many days do you have  to sign up for a retake on an exam/quiz after it has been returned to you?

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  • Q4

    Which sweets were mentioned in the reading passage, A Glimpse into the History of Mexican Candy that we read in class last Friday.

    miel, azúcar, cacahuates, mermelada

    chicle, alegría, tamarindo, Vero Mango

    chocolate, helado, mangonada, fresa

    Vero Mango, pan dulce, dulce de leche, caramelos

  • Q5

    Choose the best answer: Who is eligible to retake a low score on a quiz/exam?

    Only students that scored below a 70

    Only students that failed

    All students

    All students who show up to the testing center

  • Q6

    I accept late work on all assignments within 5 days except for

    Homework Grades

    Duolingo Grades

    Project Grades

    Daily Grades

  • Q7

    How do you address me formally in Spanish ? _____  Reyes  (it's okay if you do not put the accent)

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  • Q8

    Rearrange the words in order to say, " My birthday is August 10th." in Spanish.

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  • Q9

    You need to know a little bit of Spanish if you are taking this course. 

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  • Q10

    What should and shouldn't you do upon entering our classroom?

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