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Beginnings of Farming

Quiz by Candace Kennington

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10 questions
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  • Q1
    How did climate change at the end of the Ice Age most likely encourage the discovery of farming?
    weather became warmer and wetter and better for growing plants
    the weather became more dry with frequent droughts
    the weather probably did not affect plant life much
    areas of ice increased
  • Q2
    Why would women be the most likely to begin the first farming?
    men and women fought over plants and women won the fight
    plants were growing in regions where only women lived
    it was against most religions for men to grow plants
    they gathered plants and would notice the grow and patterns of plants while men hunted
  • Q3
    The best way to explain agriculture would be...
    taming animals
    farming and growing crops
    increasing villages
    new technology
  • Q4
    What changes happened when people changed from nomadic hunting to settled farming life?
    new technology was needed
    issues and conflict between groups of people started
    villages began to grow
    all of these
  • Q5
    Which group of new tools would have the most impact on increasing crops?
    reeds, kiln, quern
    bridle, pottery, plow
    smelting, bow and arrow, and wheat
    canals, plow, sickle
  • Q6
    When the time of humans learning to grow crops and settle into villages is called the Agricultural Revolution, the word revolution means...
    a time of sudden or dramatic change
    to turn around
    a war between two villages
    a war between governments
  • Q7
    Which of these were negative results of switching to a farming/village lifestyle?
    contact with animals and each other increased diseases
    all of these
    people became smaller and less muscular
    fighting and war began between villages and towns
  • Q8
    Farming villages were able to keep a surplus of food. What does this mean?
    They had to let it rot in the fields.
    They had extra food and could save it.
    They often starved.
    They were not able to harvest it.
  • Q9
    Often a village would have a potter, a blacksmith, shepherds, and a weaver. This list is evidence of ...
    division of labor or specialization
  • Q10
    The map shown supports which statement?
    Question Image
    Farming on began in Asia
    Some people in different areas of the world did not like to farm
    Farming and agriculture began in many different locations across the world
    Farming started in places that had no animals to hunt

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