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Behavior of Light

Quiz by Heidi Harris

Grade 5
Science (2017)
Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS)

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Grade 5
Science (2017)
Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS)


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6 questions
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  • Q1
    Which of these best illustrates the reflection of light?
    Looking at a light bulb that is glowing
    Looking at a star on a clear night
    Looking through the glass of a large window
    Looking at an image formed on a silver spoon
  • Q2
    When light travels through air into a prism, it bends and separates into many colors. In which other situation does light bend?
    Question Image
    When light hits a wall
    When light moves through air into water
    When light passes through outer space
    When light hits a mirror
  • Q3
    Scientists use telescopes to make distant objects appear closer. Some parts of a telescope are show below. Which of the following best describes how the objective lens of this telescope helps a scientist observe the moon?
    Question Image
    The objective lens produces light.
    The objective lens blocks light.
    The objective lens reflects light.
    The objective lens refracts light.
  • Q4
    The picture below shows a child standing in a swimming pool. Why does the lower part of the child appear so much different in size from the upper part?
    Question Image
    The light rays that travel through water and then into air are refracted.
    The light rays that travel through air and then into water are reflected.
    The light rays that travel through water and then into air are enlarged.
    The light rays that travel into air and then into water are reduced.
  • Q5
    Some students paint the inside of several boxes. They paint each box a different color. They observe that the inside of the box painted white looks brighter than the others. What is the most likely reason this box looks brighter?
    More light is refracted by white paint.
    More light is absorbed by white paint.
    More light is reflected off white paint.
    More light passes through white paint.
  • Q6
    The model shows a special glass fiber that is thinner than some metal wires. When light enters one end of the fiber, it moves through the fiber as shown. After light leaves the fiber, it travels--
    Question Image
    in a straight line.
    back into the fiber.
    around the fiber.
    in a curve.

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