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Bell Ringer - 3/13/18

Quiz by Bernice Broussard

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6 questions
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  • Q1
    Which is NOT a component of good customer service?
    Attendance at store trainings and meetings
    Asking closed-ended questions to get a definitive yes or no answer
    A positive a ttitude
    Quick acknowledgment of the customer
  • Q2
    Which is one of the best ways to explain features and benefits to aa customer?
    Demonstrate the product
    Explain the history of the product
    Show the customer the user's manual
    Discuss reviews of the product
  • Q3
    When customers receive good service they tell___________to________people, and when they receive poor service, they tell an average of ___________people
    1 - 3 - 5
    4 - 5 - 10
    3 - 5- 7
    1 - 3 - 10
  • Q4
    When service is poor, what percent of retail customers refuse to go back to a store?
    70 percent
    90 percent
    80 percent
    60 percent
  • Q5
    Which equation shows why customers are important to you as an employee?
    Customers x revenue = wages x employees
    Customers = revenue - wages + employees
    Customers = revenue = wages = employees
    Revenue / customers = wages / employees
  • Q6
    Experts say that communication is _______percent verbal A______percent nonverbal.
    60; 40
    50; 50
    80; 20
    20; 80

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