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Bell Ringer - March 22, 2018

Quiz by Bernice Broussard

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4 questions
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  • Q1
    Angela is creating a presentation to give at her company's annual picnic. She knows that PowerPoint 2013 offers new themes she can apply to her presentation to give it a fun and exciting look. Where should Angela look to review different document themes?
    in the Themes group on the INSERT tab
    in the Themes group on the VIEW tab
    in the Themes tab in Backstage view
    in the Themes group on the DESING tab
  • Q2
    How can Angela display a gallery of available themes?
    click the More button in the Themes group
    press the F5 key
    press the F1 key
    click the Gallery button in the Themes group
  • Q3
    Jean is ready to save and print her new presentation. Because she is just learning to use PowerPoint 2013, she is not sure where to find the Print commands. How can Jean display the Print commands?
    click the FILE tab to open Backstage view and then click the Print tab
    press the CTRL+SHIFT+ALT keys
    click the HOME tab on the ribbon and then click the Print button in the Save & Print group
    click the Print view button on the status bar
  • Q4
    How can Jean preview each of her slides before she prints them?
    click the Next Paage or Previous Paage button in the Print gallery
    scroll the slides vertically in the Print gallery
    scroll the slides horizontally in the Print gallelry
    click the Sliders button in the Print gallery and click Preview

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