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Benchmark #2 Review 7th Grade 2018-2019 Part 1

Quiz by Freddy Ackerman

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  • Q1
    What event triggered the start of the French Revolution?
    The Fall of the Bastille Prison
  • Q2
    In which system of government is the power of the Monarch Limited
    Constitutional Monarchy
  • Q3
    What Cause of the French Revolution was the Cartoon of the French King, Priest, and Noble all riding on the back of a peasant trying to convey to its audience?
    That the Third Estate carried the Tax Burden of France
  • Q4
    What happened to the Monarchy at the beginning of the French Revolution?
    The Monarchy was Overthrown
  • Q5
    What was the long term goal of the Reign of The Reign of Terror?
    To get rid of everyone that did not support the Revolution in France

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