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Benchmark 2 Review

Quiz by kelly estes

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20 questions
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  • Q1
    What document states that all people are created equal and have rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness?
    Charters of the VA Company of London
    The Constitution of US
    The VA Statute for Religious Freedom
    The Declaration of Independence
  • Q2
    Why did the VA colonists disagree with the British Parliament?
    The colonists believed they should not be taxed because they did not have representation in Parliament
    the colonists believed they should be taxed because they had equal representation in Parliament
    the colonists felt they should not be taxed because they had no representation in the House of Burgesses
    The British king began to tax the colonists after he promised he would never tax them
  • Q3
    I was born in the colonies and do not feel like a British subject. I will fight with the Americans. Who is this?
    African American
    British citizen
  • Q4
    Who was the enslaved African American who spied on the British for the Continental Army. At the end of the Revolutionary War, he was given his freedom.
    Captain John Smith
    Patrick Henry
    James Lafayette
    Thomas Jefferson
  • Q5
    Who was the commander-in-chief of the Frist Continental Army?
    Thomas Jefferson
    Patrick Henry
    George Washington
    James Lafayette
  • Q6
    How many states border VA?
  • Q7
    Which of the following cities has NOT been a capital of VA?
  • Q8
    Why are recovered artifacts from the Jamestown settlement important to VA's early history?
    they provide maps that show how to find land that has not yet been discovered
    they provide information about better ways for today's farmers to grow crops
    they provide clues about the early interactions of the English, Africans and Indians
    they provide ideas for how to improve the ships that are built today
  • Q9
    VA's American Indians are referred to as Eastern Woodland Indians because...
    the ocean is located to the east of the Indian Villages
    forests cover most of the land on which they lived
    they used wood to build their homes and furniture
    they lived in trees that faced toward the east
  • Q10
    What does the term no taxation without representation mean?
    to tax someone without having voice in Parliament
    to return products imported from England
    to refuse to use English products
    to refuse to pay someone for working
  • Q11
    What is a cash crop?
    a crop that is grown mainly for use by the grower
    a specific crop that growers plant to use as medicine
    a crop grown primarily to make money
    a specific crop that growers are paid to grow
  • Q12
    How did agriculture in the VA colony influence the institution of slavery?
    agriculture ended slavery in VA
    the colony's dependence ob slave labor only lasted a few years
    slavery was not a part of agriculture
    the colony became dependent on slave labor for many years
  • Q13
    Who settled primarily in the Shenandoah Valley, which was along the migration route?
    Cherokee and Powhatan
    Germans and Scots-Irish
    Germans and Monacan
    English and Africans
  • Q14
    Richmond is to English as Roanoke is to...
    American Indian
  • Q15
    Why did the capital move from Jamestown to Richmond?
    Williamsburg was a more central location
    Richmond's population was moving eastward
    Richmond was a better location because of westward migration
    Jamestown had a fresh supply of drinking water

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