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Benchmark Review Questions

Quiz by Hannah Childers

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20 questions
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  • Q1
    A group of students observed the formation of bubbles when water boiled. What happened to matter because of the physical change to the water?
    Old matter was destroyed as the water turned to gas
    Matter was conserved when it changed form
    New matter was created in the bubbles
    The composition of the matter change
  • Q2
    Which would MOST affect the health of fish in a local pond?
    daily release of hot water into the pond from a local factory
    the occasional erosion of sediments into the pond from a nearby field
    a storm temporarily stirring up water and sediments in the pond
    a slight increase in the number of people who fish in the pond for food
  • Q3
    Which of the samples shown represents an element?
    Question Image
    Substance 2
    Substance 3
    Substance 1
    Substance 4
  • Q4
    Which characteristics must be true of an aquifer?
    rock must be permeable and contain many pores
    rock must be impermeable and contain few pores
    rock must be permeable and contain few pores
    rock must be impermeable and contain many pores
  • Q5
    Which accurately compares river basins and watersheds?
    some areas are drained by river basins and others are drained by watersheds
    river basin and watershed are terms that have the same meaning
    a river basin consists of many watersheds that all drain into it
    a watershed consists of many river basins that all drain into it
  • Q6
    Which BEST describes the type of change that occurs when liquid water freezes to become ice?
    physical change in which the ice is less dense than the liquid water
    physical change in which the ice is more dense than the liquid water
    chemical change in which the ice is less dense than the liquid water
    chemical change in which the ice is more dense than the liquid water
  • Q7
    Which is the BEST way for a city to monitor the effects of a new factory built on a riverbank for pollution?
    check pH levels of the river water daily
    set up a sewage treatment plant downstream
    check regularly for dead fish and other wildlife in different parts of the river after the factory is built
    set a baseline toxicity level for the water before the factory is built then test the water on a regular basis
  • Q8
    An energy pyramid is illustrated. Which statement BEST explains the flow of energy as it moves through the different levels?
    Question Image
    energy increases as it is gained from the environment
    energy is transferred as it is produced by organisms in the next level
    energy is unavailable because it is used up by the organisms at Level 1
    energy decreases as it is lost as heat to the environment
  • Q9
    An experiment was performed, and the data from the experiment was recorded in the table. Based on the data, what mass of HCl was used to start the reaction?
    Question Image
    5.50 grams
    11.00 grams
    6.00 grams
    41.5 grams
  • Q10
    Which substance is a compound?
  • Q11
    A simplified nitrogen cycle is shown. How does nitrogen in the atmosphere become beneficial to plants and eventually animals
    Question Image
    nitrogen must be mixed in the soil by earthworms
    nitrogen must be converted into a useful form by bacteria
    nitrogen must come into contact with the ground through rainfall
    nitrogen must be converted into a useful form by bacteria
  • Q12
    A student performs an experiment and the results are shown. BEFORE: Iron filings are brown, small, and magnetic; copper sulfate crystals are blue, brittle, and not magnetic. AFTER: The copper formed was reddish, solid, and not magnetic; iron sulfide solution was colorless and not magnetic. Which statement BEST supports that a chemical reaction took place?
    a physical change in the iron occured
    the original substances were present after
    a new substance was formed
    changes in color occured
  • Q13
    Ocean water can be distilled to remove the salt and other dissolved substances, producing pure water. Which BEST describes the feasibility of distilling ocean water as a means of supplying freshwater to people in areas where the supply of freshwater is lacking?
    Distilling ocean water involves the use of hazardous chemicals, and the water would be contaminated after the process was complete
    Distilling ocean water is a simple process, but current technology does not exist to produce such a large supply of freshwater
    Distilling ocean water is too expensive of a process to produce enough freshwater supply to all areas where freshwater is lacking
    Distilling ocean water would not produce enough freshwater to supply all areas where freshwater is lacking
  • Q14
    Where is water used for drinking MOST LIKELY to come from?
    oceans and estuaries
    lakes and ponds
    rivers and streams
    reservoirs and aquifer
  • Q15
    Which marine habitat buffers pollutants and is an important breeding ground for organisms?
    deep ocean
    intertidal zone
    open ocean

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