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Bernoulli's Principle

Quiz by Alyssa Woolever

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  • Q1
    When a plane flies there is more air pressure here...
    The bottom of the wing
    the bottom of the plane
    inside of the cabin in the plane
    the top of the wing
  • Q2
    What causes the differences in air pressure when a plane flies
    the speed of the plane
    the shape of the body of the plane
    the weight of the plane
    the shape of the wing
  • Q3
    How does higher pressure on the bottom of the wing cause lift?
    higher pressure pushes up on the bottom of the wing
    the plane floats
    lower pressure on the bottom of the wing pushed up the plane
    the plane does not lift off due to pressure
  • Q4
    What does Bernoulli's Principle State?
    air molecules move at different speeds in general which causes things to lift
    lift is generated from the weight of the plane while moving
    Air molecules have pressure differences in themselves that cause lift
    That air molecules move around the wing at different speeds causing pressure differences
  • Q5
    What causes air pressure during flight?
    The speed of air molecules around the wing shape
    the weight of the plane
    the speed of air-molecules floating in the air
    temperature differences
  • Q6
    Why does air pressure around the plane not cause it to move side to side?
    it does cause it to move side to side but the pilot of the plane adjusts
    air molecules only move up and down
    the side to side movements of air molecules don't affect the plane
    the plane is moving forward, thus the air molecules around move directly over top and bottom of the plane, and less are moving around the side of the plane
  • Q7
    Does wing shape matter in flight? Why or Why not?
    yes, the wing shape matters because this is how a plane steers
    No, the plane body shape is more important for the particples to move around the entire body
    Yes, wing shape determines the speed of the air molecules, and thus the air pressure createsd
    No, the wing shape does not matter because air molecules move at a set speed
  • Q8
    What is air pressure
    air movement
    the pressure of objects on the air around it
    the force of air on objects around it
    air speed
  • Q9
    Can Bernoulli's principle explain how other creatures fly?
    no, they are only able to fly due to flapping their wings
    yes, Bernoulli's principle is used to exactly explain how animals fly
    Yes, but it explains how flying animals glide in the air
    no, animals can not fly

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