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Between the Wars

Quiz by MartinStickler

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10 questions
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  • Q1
    Capitalism is to private ownership as communism is to
    supply and demand
    state control
  • Q2
    Which event in the history of Russia and the Soviet Union occurred first?
    end of the Cold War
    introduction of Lenin’s New Economic Policy
    establishment of Joseph Stalin as dictator
    crowning of Czar Nicholas II
  • Q3
    Bloody Sunday in Russia (1905) and the Armenian Massacre in the Ottoman Empire (1915) are both examples of
    forced migrations
    political revolutions
    human atrocities
    scorched-earth policies
  • Q4
    A major purpose of five-year plans in the Soviet Union was to
    eliminate central economic planning
    increase the production of steel and machinery
    produce more consumer goods
    seek direct foreign investment
  • Q5
    Which event led Russia to withdraw from World War I and surrender a significant amount of territory to Germany?
    sudden death of Vladimir Lenin
    seizure of power by the Bolsheviks
    assassination of Austro-Hungarian Archduke Franz Ferdinand
    meeting of the Yalta Conference
  • Q6
    Which goals are most closely associated with the Russian Revolution of 1917?
    peace, land, and bread
    liberty, equality, and fraternity
    nationalism, democracy, and livelihood
    science, technology, and agriculture
  • Q7
    “Protestors Demand Peace, Land, and Bread” “Bolsheviks Suppress Resistance” “Lenin Promotes New Economic Policy” Which event is most closely associated with these headlines?
    Russian pogroms
    Cold War
    Ukrainian Famine
    Russian Revolution
  • Q8
    Which type of government is characterized by extreme nationalism, censorship, militarism, and dictatorship?
    parliamentary democracy
    direct democracy
    constitutional confederation
    fascist state
  • Q9
    The rise of fascism in Europe during the 1930s is directly linked to the
    instability caused by the worldwide depression
    failure to punish those responsible for “crimes against humanity”
    increased global trade after World War I
    development of authoritarian governments in Latin America
  • Q10
    • Bitterness over the Treaty of Versailles • Loss of the Ruhr and overseas colonies • Rising inflation and unemployment These factors are most closely associated with
    the rise of fascism in Germany
    the Russian Revolution of 1917
    the communist revolution in China
    French imperialism in Africa

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