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Bias in psychology

Quiz by Carol Thomson

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14 questions
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  • Q1
    A definition of universality is..
    something that is independent of who we are
    any underlying characteristic that can be applied to all.
    something that is a fact
  • Q2
    Gender bias is
    recognising that there are different genders.
    the tendency to distinguish between people or gropups of people based on gender.
    based on prejudiced views about men and women.
  • Q3
    Alpha bias
    suggests there are real and significant differences between men and women.
    suggests there are no differences between men and women.
  • Q4
    Beta bias
    suggests that there are little or no differences between the behaviour of men and women.
    suggests that there are real differences in the behaviour of men and women.
  • Q5
    Androcentrism means
    'female centred' and assumes that female behaviours are the norm and desirable
    'male centred' and it assumes that male behaviours are the norm and desirable.
  • Q6
    An example of a[pha bias is
    Ainsworth's theory of attachment
    Kohlberg;'s theory of moral development
    Evolutionary ideas on male and femaly attitudes towards relationships
  • Q7
    Feminists argue that androcentrism is wrong because it often..
    ignores behaviours in other cultures.
    trivialises and medicalises behaviours that are normal in women.
    makes men think women are weak.
  • Q8
    Cultural bias is a ...
    tendency to ignore cultural differences and interpret behaviours based on one's own cultural norms
    thinking all cultures are differennt
    thinking all cultures are the same
  • Q9
    An etic approach ..
    looks at behaviour from outside the culture based on the idea of universal norms.
    assumes that all cultures are different.
  • Q10
    An emic approach
    says that cultural norms are biased.
    assumes we can only understand our own culture.
    starts from inside the culture and identifies behaviour that is specific to that culture.
  • Q11
    A consequence of an etic approach is
  • Q12
    An outcome of an emic approach is
    cultural genarilsation
    cultural universalism
    cultural relativism
  • Q13
    Intelligence tests are ethnocentric because
    they assume only western people are intelligent
    they can pick out the intelligent and less intelligent people.
    they assume that intelligence is an universal concept with the same charactersistics in all cultures
  • Q14
    An issue when carrying out cross-cultural research is
    that you might break local laws.
    the population might not speak english
    the population may not have experience of western notions of scientific research.

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