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Quiz by Ms.Jaykris Rimando

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4 questions
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  • Q1

    Which of the following processes shows translocation?

    The process by which plants use the food producedby photosynthesis to obtain energy

    Loss of water from the leaves as it evaporates intothe air

    Absorption of water by the roots and its movementthrough the xylem to the leaves

    Movement of sucrose from theleaves through the phloem to other parts of the plant

  • Q2

    What is transported in thephloem and direction of transport?

    Starch, up only           

    Sucrose, down and up

    Starch, up and down  

    Sucrose, down only

  • Q3

    Which of the following shows the order does water pass through the cells of a plant, as the water travels from the roots to a leaf?

    Root Cortex --> Root Hair --> Xylem --> Mesophyll Cells

    Root Hair --> Root Cortex --> Xylem --> Mesophyll Cells

    Root Hair -->Mesophyll Cells --> Root Cortex --> Xylem

    Mesophyll Cells --> Root Hairs --> Root Cortex --> Xylem

  • Q4

    Which conditions speed up the rate oftranspiration?

    cold wet and not windy

    hot dry and windy

    cold dry and windy

     hot wet andwindy


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