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Quiz by Jean Marc de Villiers

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8 questions
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  • Q1
    What is the biosphere?
    The deepest part of the ocean
    The tallest mountain on Earth
    The part of Earth where living organisms exist
    The hottest desert in the world
  • Q2
    How does the biosphere interact with the atmosphere?
    The biosphere controls the weather patterns in the atmosphere
    Animals release oxygen into the atmosphere through respiration
    The biosphere has no interaction with the atmosphere
    Plants absorb carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and release oxygen through photosynthesis
  • Q3
    Why is it important to protect the biosphere?
    To destroy the environment and harm living organisms
    To create new technologies and improve human life
    To build more shopping malls and parking lots
    To ensure the survival of future generations and maintain biodiversity
  • Q4
    What is the biosphere made up of?
    All living organisms on Earth and their environments
    Only plants in the forest
    Only animals in the ocean
    Only humans in cities
  • Q5
    How do plants contribute to the biosphere?
    Plants produce oxygen through photosynthesis and provide food and habitat for animals
    Plants are harmful to the biosphere and should be removed
    Plants have no role in the biosphere
    Plants are aliens in disguise
  • Q6
    Why is the biosphere important for life on Earth?
    It is a type of amusement park for animals
    It provides essential resources such as air, water, and food for living organisms
    It is a place where aliens live
    It is a place where robots are created
  • Q7
    What is an example of a biosphere?
    A parking lot
    A tropical rainforest
    A construction site
    A shopping mall
  • Q8
    Which of the following is true about the biosphere?
    It is the study of rocks and minerals
    It includes all living organisms and their interactions with each other and their environment
    It is a type of dessert made with ice cream and cake
    It is a type of spaceship that travels to outer space

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