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Biotech Quiz Review

Quiz by Donna Donohue

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10 questions
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  • Q1
    Genetic engineering in agriculture can be used to
    increase insect resistance in crops
    all of these
    grown bigger organisms
    increase the nutrients in food
  • Q2
    DNA evidence can be used to
    determine who a child' parent is
    fight disease
    make inulin
    make organisms grow
  • Q3
    Selective breeding to make an organism better
    is a type of genetic engineering
    is not a type of genetic engineering
    could be a type of genetic engineering
  • Q4
    Gene therapy is used to
    help catch criminals
    grow better food crops
    prevent diseases
    replace genes that cause genetic diseases
  • Q5
    When creating recombinant DNA the first steps is to
    remove the nucleus of a cell
    insert a gene into another organism
    make a gene in a lab
    cut a desired gene out of one organism
  • Q6
    Transgenic organisms (GMOs) can be used to
    decrease the use of pesticides
    decrease the use of insecticides
    increase food supply
    decrease the cost of producing food
  • Q7
    Genetic diseases like cystic fibrosis have been successfully treated using
    stem cells
    gene therapy
  • Q8
    The first step in cloning is
    creating a template
    removing the nucleus from a cell and replacing it with the nucleus from another cell
    cutting a gene from another organism
    placing stem cells in the organism
  • Q9
    Therapeutic cloning...
    produces exact copies of the entire organism
    requires a surrogate mother
    immediately produces a mature, full sized version of the organism
    creates organs for transplant patients
  • Q10
    Reproductive cloning...
    can produce organs for transplant patients
    immediately produces a mature, full sized copy of the organism cloned
    requires a surrogate mother so that the organism can grow inside the womb
    uses stem cells

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