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BlendEd Learning OR Tech Integration?

Quiz by Shara Johnson

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  • Q1
    Tracy is a language arts teacher who has posted all of her lesson plans, assignments, and quizzes online so that students can access them at home, as well as at school. Tracy’s school recently implemented a one-to-one program in which each student has access to a personal computing device. To leverage the technology, Tracy has all of her students follow along on their devices during a guided reading exercise, during which the teacher and students examine a piece of text together. After a class discussion on the text, Tracy has the students switch over to Google Docs where they each write their own agreement or disagreement with the central argument of the text. During this time, Tracy roams the classroom making sure students are on task and answering any questions that arise. (
    Tech Integration
    BlendEd Learning
  • Q2
    Matthew is a full-time student at Mountain Heights Academy, formerly known as the Open High School of Utah. He completes his work on his own off campus but connects with his online teachers live via webcam and Zoom software. He also uses Zoom to connect synchronously with the school's virtual chess club and virutal student government. (blended Using Disruptive Innovation to Improve Schools by Michael B Horn & Heather Staker)
    BlendEd Learning
    Tech Integration
  • Q3
    Nathan is enrolled in Anatomy and Physiology at his local high school. Mrs. Button, his A&P teacher, has created a pre-assessment that allows her to gauge what Nathan does and does not know about each unit. From that information, she tailors a learning path for Nathan using low and high tech solutions being delivered through their LMS. Nathan is allowed to learn at his own pace and shows his mastery of concepts using online tools. Mrs. Button provides frequent feedback and checks in on him daily to track his progress.
    BlendEd Learning
    Tech Integration
  • Q4
    Angela enjoys playing online math games on the computer in the school library. She also takes algebra with a face - to - face teacher, who does not know about the online games but appreciates that Angela seems to be faster at recalling math facts. (blended Using Disruptive Innovation to Improve Schools by Michael B Horn & Heather Staker)
    BlendEd Learning
    Tech Integration
  • Q5
    Sarah's second-grade classroom loves math time! Every day they enter the space to be met with "groupings" for the day. This information assigns them to a group and a station in which to start their learning. Each station is manned with unique tasks that tie into the unit learning objectives. Station 1 is a no-tech station that requires the students to use collaboration and manipulatives to solve real-world problems. Station 2 reinforces what was learned the prior day by assessing knowledge via technology. The students are allowed to review the information from yesterday as needed while completing this task. Station 3 is a small teacher-led station where Sarah introduces new material.
    Tech Integration

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