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Block 3 Test Review Politics & Elections

Quiz by Staff.Jon Altmann

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18 questions
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  • Q1
    Political part platforms are usually written by
    candidate committees
    large donators by the party
    senior party officials
    party members appointed by the state or national party chairman
  • Q2
    An initiative is put on the ballot by
    a majority vote by houses of a state legislature to amend state law or its constitution
    an independent group of voters/citizens who gather enough signature, per their state laws, to qualify the proposed measure to be on a ballot for all to vote for or against.
    an order of the President or a Governor of a state.
    a court order resulitng from a lawsuit of a law passed by a legislature.
  • Q3
    People are leaving a voting or polling location and are stopped by someone taking an opinion poll. This type of poll is known as a
    single issue poll
    push poll
    straw poll
    exit poll, or exit survey
  • Q4
    "Politikos," or politics means
    the practice of exciting public opinon
    "talk to people"
    an open discussion in the public square, as in Ancient Greek times
    of a citizen
  • Q5
    A Political Action Committe, or PAC
    is another name for political "dark money"
    was created by the Democratic party originally to help Bill Clinton defeat George Bush
    is an organization that raises campaign money to provide financial and other support for political candidates or issues, independent of those campaigns, regulated by either Federal or state campaign laws.
    allows contributions from both American special interests and foreign governments to influence elections.
  • Q6
    An example of a one-party system
    is usually a dictortatorship or totalarian government
    is a country that is ruled by a religious theocracy
    the Russian Republic
    is a country with a monarch
  • Q7
    The key grass roots political worker of a political party who is responsible for a given geographic area is
    a precinct committeeman
    local party boss
    campaign volunteer
  • Q8
    The electoral college was created by the Founding Fathers because
    it kept Congress involved in the election of the President
    a direct election of the President would be subject to voter fraud
    they believed it is difficult for average person to be informed enough to make a wise choice
    it would be quicker to count votes by that method
  • Q9
    Which statement is true about the electoral college?
    Membership is calculated by counting up the members of each state's Congressional districts, then adding two U.S. Senators, except for Washington, D.C., which gets three electoral votes regardless.
    Membership is calculated by counting up the members of each state's Congressional districts, then adding two U.S. Senators, except for Washington, D.C., Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico which each gets three electoral votes regardless.
    There are 638 electors in the Electoral College.
    It was created by the 10th Amendment.
  • Q10
    In the few cases a third party, or independent candidate has run for the Office of President, the outcome has been
    the Republican candidate has lost, because third party efforts so far have resulted from splits within the Republican ranks
    that it has come very close to throwing the elections into the House of Representatives to resolve the outcomes.
    there has been no significant effect on the outcome of those elections
    the Democrat candiate has lost
  • Q11
    The most significant outcome of the Federal Civil Rights Act of 1957 was
    it ended literacy tests
    it ended the segregation of public schools
    it created a civil rights division in the U.S. Department of Justice
    it gave rise to racial violence
  • Q12
    Which of the following is an example of something that disenfranchises someone?
    Voter registration drives targeting more Africans Americans to vote.
    Literary tests, designed to keep African American from registering to vote.
    Separate but equal doctrine
  • Q13
    A legislative referendum is
    a change to a state law or constitution that is placed on the general election ballot by a state legislature
    jointly agreed to by both a legislature and governor
    is a way to change a state law or constitution caused by a citizen petitions submitted with the required number of signatures to qualify
  • Q14
    The United Kingdom, France and Denmark are examples of
    are dominated by single-issue party efforts
    one party dominate nations
    countries that commonly have coalition governments
  • Q15
    Republic and Democratic parties in Arizona are organized
    by their own methods to determine how they will run their party.
    by the same boundaries of the state's 30 legislative districts.
    by the same boundaries of the state's nine Congressional districts.

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