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Body Systems

Quiz by dave kistler

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11 questions
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  • Q1
    Forms external body covering and protects deeper tissue from injury e.g. hair, skin & nails.
    Question Image
    Integumentary System
  • Q2
    Fast acting control system of the body, it responds to internal and external changes by activating appropriate muscles and glands. Brain, nerves & spinal cord.
    Question Image
    Nervous System
  • Q3
    Protects and supports body organs, and provides a framework the muscles use to cause movement. Blood cells are formed within bones.
    Question Image
    Skeletal System
  • Q4
    Glands secrete hormones that regulate processes such as growth, reproduction, and nutrient use by body cells. Glands e.g. adrenal gland, pineal gland, ovary.
    Question Image
    Endocrine System
  • Q5
    Allows manipulation of the environment, locomotion, and facial expression. Maintains posture & produces heat.
    Question Image
    Muscular System
  • Q6
    Blood vessels transport blood, which carries oxygen, carbon dioxide, nutrients, wastes, etc. The heart pumps blood.
    Question Image
    Cardiovascular System
  • Q7
    Picks up fluid leaked from blood vessels and returns it to blood. Disposes of debris in the lymphatic stream. Houses white blood cells involved in immunity.
    Question Image
    Lymphatic System
  • Q8
    Keeps blood constantly supplied with oxygen and removes carbon dioxide.
    Question Image
    Respiratory System
  • Q9
    Eliminates nitrogenous wastes from the body.
    Question Image
    Urinary System
  • Q10
    Overall function is the production of offspring.
    Question Image
    Reproductive System
  • Q11
    Breaks down food into absorbable units that enter the blood for distribution to blood cells.
    Question Image
    Digestive System

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