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Boot Camp Day 8: Force and Motion/Newton's Laws

Quiz by MondlochScience

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  • Q1
    A 1,100 kg car comes uniformly to a stop. If the vehicle is accelerating at -1.2 m/s^2, which force is closest to the net force acting on the vehicle?
    -94 N
    -900 N
    -1,300 N
    -9,600 N
  • Q2
    Toby is pushing a large box along a level surface at a speed of 0.5 meters per second. What would help Toby move the box faster?
    Question Image
    Decreasing the mass of the box
    Pushing the box with less force
    Increasing the mass of the box
    Pushing the box on a rough surface
  • Q3
    An archer shot a 0.06 kg arrow at a target. The arrow accelerated at 5,000 m/s^2 to reach a speed of 50.0 m/s as it left the bow. During this acceleration, what was the net force on the arrow to the nearest newton?
    100 N
    300 N
    833 N
    3 N
  • Q4
    A leaf fell from a tree branch. The path it followed is shown in the diagram below. Which of these describes why the leaf fell in a crooked path instead of straight down?
    Question Image
    Objects with irregular shapes never fall in straight lines.
    The upward force of the air on the leaf was greater than the downward force of gravity
    Once the leaf was in motion, it continued moving in the same direction because the forces were balanced.
    Air currents and gravity applied changing and unbalanced forces to the leaf.
  • Q5
    Which of Newton's three laws is in control of a spacecraft that cruises through space at a constant with using any fuel.
    force and acceleration
    all of the above
  • Q6
    Four boxes are sliding with constant speed before each box experiences an unbalanced force of 8 N. Which box would experience the greatest acceleration when the unbalanced force is applied?
    The box with a mass of 6 kg
    The box with a mass of 2 kg
    The box with a mass of 8 kg
    The box with a mass of 4 kg
  • Q7
    NASA's space shuttle program was active from 1981 until 2011. How can Newton's law of action-reaction best be applied to explain the movement of a rocket.
    Question Image
    As the fuel burns, the mass of the rocket decreases.
    As the fuel burns, gases move out of the rocket and reduce air resistance
    As the fuel burns, gases push against the rocket, moving it upward.
    As the fuel burns the rocket moves faster.
  • Q8
    Two forces are applied to a 17 kg box, as shown. The box is on a smooth surface. Which statement best describes the acceleration of the box?
    Question Image
    The box accelerates at 1.9 m/s^2
    The box accelerates at 3.0 m/s^2 because the combined forces cause the box to accelerate.
    The box accelerates at 1.0 m/s^2 to the right because the net force is a 17 N to the right
    The box does not accelerate, because neither force is large enough to move the box.

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