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Born A Crime - Chapters 9-11 Review

Quiz by Barbara Franks

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  • Q1
    What tribe was native to South Africa when it was first colonized by Europeans?
    The Xhosa.
    The Khoisan.
    The Zulu.
    The Afrikaners.
  • Q2
    According to the author, which culture do the "colored people" of modern South Africa have the strongest link to?
    The Xhosa
    The Sotho.
    The Afrikaners.
    The Zulu.
  • Q3
    Why did the author play alone under the Mulberry tree when he was in Eden Park?
    He planned to poison the Mulberry tree and did not want any witnesses
    He did not have any friends.
    He planned to poison the Mulberry tree and did not want any witnesses.
    He was not used to the time difference in Eden Park and was outside playing while everyone else was sleeping
  • Q4
    What does the Afrikans term "amperbaas," used to refer to the status of colored people under apartheid, mean?
    "Loud Baritone."
    "Esteemed technician."
  • Q5
    What was the "pencil test" that the government administered to some colored people in South Africa?
    A test to determine whiteness, based on whether a pencil would stay in place if stuck in one's hair.
    A literacy test that colored people had to pass in order to vote in South African elections.
    A written test that, if passed, qualified a colored person to be reclassified as white.
    A measurement of a worker's strength determined by how large a bundle of pencils they could break with their bare hands.
  • Q6
    What happened between the author and the pack of colored boys under the mulberry tree in Eden Park?
    They called him "Bushman" and pelted him with berries.
    They made him help them burn down the tree.
    They ate his berries right in front of him.
    They shared their berries with him.
  • Q7
    How did Patricia react after the author explained what happened to him under the mulberry tree?
    She told him to go tell someone who cared.
    She went out and beat up the boys who pelted him.
    She cried and held the author in her arms.
    She laughed and said she was relieved it was not blood.
  • Q8
    Why did Patricia warn the author not to tell Abel about the incident under the mulberry tree?
    She knew that Abel would react with violence.
    Abel had just had a long day and could not handle the emotional stress of learning what happened.
    She did not want Abel to know that she had raised a son who could not protect himself.
    She knew that Abel would laugh at the author.
  • Q9
    How did Abel respond when the author told him what happened under the mulberry tree?
    He told the author to go defend himself.
    He laughed at the author.
    He bought the author a new toy to cheer him up.
    He hunted down the boys who beat the author and he beat up their ring leader.
  • Q10
    How did the author feel when he saw what Abel did to the ringleader from the incident under the mulberry tree?
    He was glad the boy could not hurt anyone else.
    He was horrified at Abel's ferocity.
    He was scared because he knew Abel would beat him up next.
    He did not care at all
  • Q11
    What advice did Patricia give the author for how he should act if his wife made more money than him?
    Patricia said that if the author ever married a girl who made more money, he should have her quit her job.
    Patricia said that the author should not marry a wealthy woman because they are traitors to the proletariat.
    Patricia said that a man is not diminished if his wife makes more money than he does.
    Patricia said that if the author had a rich wife, he should quit his job and let her take care of him.
  • Q12
    What advice did Patricia give the author about prioritizing between his wife and mother?
    Patricia said that a man's wife should always come first.
    Patricia said that men should not respect women at all.
    Patricia said that men should be the tie-breaker in arguments between their wives and mothers.
    Patricia said that a man's mother should always come first.
  • Q13
    What did the author find inappropriate about the relationship advice Patricia gave him when he was a child?
    He thought Patricia's advice was heteronormative.
    He thought that Patricia's advice was suited to adult relationships rather than children's relationships.
    He thought Patricia's advice was too religious.
    He thought Patricia's advice was naïve
  • Q14
    What holiday did the author experience for the first time at H. A. Jack Primary?
    Boxing Day
    Valentine's Day.
    Armistice Day.
  • Q15
    What did the girls in the author's grade want him to do for Valentine's Day?
    They wanted him to dress as cupid.
    They wanted him to make them all valentines.
    They wanted him to teach their boyfriends to dance.
    They wanted the author to ask out his friend, Maylene.

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