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Brain & Cognition

Quiz by Ashley Scolaro

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  • Q1
    The thick bundle of neurons that connects the left and right cerebral hemispheres is called the ______. This structure allows those hemispheres to communicate with each other.
    longitudinal fissure
    corpus callosum
    internal capsule
    central sulcus
  • Q2
    Which lobe of the brain is associated with complex problem solving, planning and organization?
  • Q3
    Which of the following brain imaging techniques provides the highest level of temporal resolution?
  • Q4
    Irene has been having migraines lately and she goes to visit her doctor. Her doctor sends her to have a brain imaging test that will measure changes in the naturally occurring oxygen in the blood in her brain. Which type of procedure is Irene going to have?
  • Q5
    The function of the myelin sheath is to:
    speed up the transmission of action potentials along the axon
    protect the cell from blood borne poisons
    slow the transmission of action potentials
    provide nutrients to the cell
  • Q6
    The representation of body parts in primary sensory cortex is:
    directly related to the motor functions on the same side of the body
    present only on the left side of the brain
    larger for body areas requiring greater sensitivity
    larger for body parts that develop early in the fetus
  • Q7
    If researchers found that someone with damage to a certain part of the brain lost their ability to speak and then, in a separate study with different individuals, found that the same part of was active during speech this __________ would help them to locate the speech center of the brain.
    converging evidence
    analytic introspection
    case study
  • Q8
    You may have heard different types of tissue in the brain being referred to as either “gray matter” or “white matter.” What is it that makes white matter white?
    The high level of oxygenation in these cells causes them to have a whitish hue.
    These cells are covered with myelin, which is a fatty sheath that has a whitish color.
    When a person undergoes neuroimaging, these parts of the brain show up as white in an fMRI or CT scan.
    Blood does not flow to these parts of the brain and so they remain white.
  • Q9
    What is the primary difference between transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS) and transcranial direct current stimulation (tDCS)?
    TMS involves placing electrodes on the skull and delivering a small current to the brain.
    TMS requires the patient to be asleep during administration, while tDCS does not.
    tDCS involves placing electrodes on the skull and delivering a small current to the brain.
    tDCS generates a brief electrical current in the brain by generating magnetic pulses.
  • Q10
    Jared has to have a procedure where his physician will injected a radioactive substance into his bloodstream, and then will use that tracer to observe blood flow in Jared’s brain while he performs certain tasks. Which neuroimaging study will Jared’s physician order?
    positron emission tomography
    diffusor tensor imaging
    magnetic resonance imaging

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